Causes of Low Testosterone – Primary Hypogonadism Symptoms

Low testosterone refers to a low testosterone into the bloodstream. This condition is diagnosed by methods of diagnostic tests with blood samples and saliva search of the patient. However, just before the start of treatment, determine the result of low testosterone. Low Leydig cells synthesize testosterone is also a causative factor or secondary.

The difficulties arising from the symptoms of the main causes of related bodies primarily responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. These conditions are generally referred to as hypogonadism, a reduced or impaired testosterone production people fetus. Between a man refers to the kernel of medical problems, although women refers to an abnormal testosterone synthesis in the ovaries.

Low testosterone causes of hypogonadism due to:

  • Unwanted kernel – This status is determined during fetal development, when the test does not descend into the scrotum bag, which leads to a serious lack of testosterone.
  • Cancer treatments – chemotherapy or radiation therapy is known to have several side effects, including damage to the cells in the presence of interstitial assays, which are mainly responsible for the production of testosterone. Ovulation women can be permanently damaged by radiation.
  • Through old age and testosterone levels the natural way to exhaustion of the individual ages. This applies to both men and women.
  • Conditions of the ovaries – some women need are surgical removal of the ovaries to stop the spread of infection. Some women have a condition called PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, severe wounds or Stein-Leventhal syndrome. This condition is most common in women of childbearing age. It is first and foremost an area of ​​severe hormonal irregularities, which always leads to infertility causes hormonal imbalance. When PCOS, testosterone increases and decreases any particular pattern.

Low testosterone causes of secondary hypogonadism

If low testosterone is the lacks of activity with the other organs of Leydig cells synthesize testosterone, the symptoms called secondary hypogonadism. Hypogonadism, secondary (or tertiary), for determining when testosterone production in other testosterone, such as the anti-hypothalamic-pituitary or adrenal gland, influence. Hypogonadism associated with the pituitary gland is called the tertiary hypogonadism, even if it is always connected to the secondary causes.

Causes of secondary hypogonadism:

  • Damage as a result of pituitary cancer, or radiation therapy aimed at the treatment of cancer.
  • Malformations in the hypothalamus, which is a rare cause problems, such as Kallman.
  • Hypotension blood flow in the direction of the adrenal or pituitary due to blood loss due to the accident.
  • Induced inflammation in diseases such as tuberculosis, which are known to interfere with the activity of the pituitary gland. Similarly, HIV and AIDS can lead to inflammation of the hypothalamus or pituitary.
  • Obesity is considered to promote the conversion of free testosterone levels of female hormones such as estrogen.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia or brain atrophy adrenal present at birth may reduce the ability of the adrenal gland to produce testosterone.
  • Alcoholism and cancer of the prostate may lead to a reduced testosterone production phase, ie. As serious diseases that weaken the metabolic activity of the whole person.
  • Identified addictive substances such as barbiturates or anticonvulsants have a detrimental effect on the synthesis of testosterone.

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