Chiropractic Care And Its Effects On Spine Pain

Spine pain is one of the most reported health issues in the world. Your spine is made up of 33 vertebrae which are divided into 5 sections.

• Cervical: This is the top most part of the spine and has 7 vertebrae.

• Thoracic: The second part of spine consists of 12 vertebrae.

• Lumbar: This part contains 5 vertebrae.

• Sacral: This part also has 5 vertebrae.

• Coccyx: This is the last part of the spine and it consists of 4 vertebrae.

All these part are joined together by discs, ligaments and other joints creating a strong and flexible structure with the help of which our body muscles stretch, twist, turn and are able to move, bend and keep the body standing in a fixed position. The spine also acts as a barrier for our spinal cord which contains a bundle of nervous tissue. The spinal cord extends from the brain to the end of the spine.

Many chiropractors in Sydney are working for the awareness of benefits chiropractic care can have on the spine pain. If you feel a sharp pain in the spine or your neck there could be two reasons behind it, it could because of the strain on the ligaments or muscles around the spine. These types of pains are usually due to an excessive exercise routine or the lack of exercise at all. The second on is due to degenerative wear and tear to your spine which will probably increase with the passage of time.

Many chiropractors suggest stretching exercises to keep your spine in shape. Being overweight has a bad effect on your spine and reducing it might help it but exercises which require sudden jerky movements should be avoided. For people whose jobs require them to lift heavy weight object, it is advised that they try to lift it with the help of knee instead of the spine. One of the major causes of spinal pain in women is due to the regular use of high heels. Wearing high heels is very harmful to your body posture and will definitely cause spine pain.

Chiropractic care focuses on improving your health and reducing your pain by ensuring that the spine is in the proper alignment. Sometimes issues in other parts of the body such as leg pain, headaches, and numbness in the limbs can also be traced back to spinal problems. A suppressed nerve in the spinal cord can be the cause of such problems, sometimes known as a pinched nerve.

A session with a well-educated professional chiropractor can be very beneficial for such problems but sometimes the injury requires a proper surgery to heal. It is advised that you only go to a well-practiced licensed chiropractor only as some of the cervical adjustments are very delicate and can cause harm in the hands of an ill-trained chiropractor.

To try to reduce spine pain and injuries you should try exercises such as yoga and Pilates and switch to a healthier diet and drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.
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