How to Choose the Right Power Bank for you

No matter there are a lot of charging electronics like car chargers, wireless chargers, USB wall chargers available in the market, power banks are regarded as the fastest growing charging electronic. The simplest reason is that you don’t have to keep the stationery along for charging. As it is a kind of potable charger that we don’t make us wait for the charging to happen, which is the most convenient thing so far.

Since we are able to take power banks anywhere we want for charging our device, they are gaining popularity with every passing day. Also, many companies have come up with a lot of innovations in the product. Hence, in this article, we’ll be putting thought over the right selection of power banks in the market.

Power Capacity

Power capacity is the basic characteristic of a power bank. It is what helps in creating your experience with any kind of portable charger. More often, people prefer Mini power banks as they are small and easy to carry in the pockets. But in some cases, Mini power banks are not long lasting as their usability is limited to charging smartphones only; it is their portability that makes them great. Since these power banks are small in size, their power capacities are also low.

Contrarily, there are power banks which have high power capacities, but since they are heavier and larger than Mini power banks, they don’t fit into the pockets.

Other Types

High and low capacity is just the basic feature of portable chargers, there are a lot of different abilities that can be found in power banks. For instance, there are waterproof power banks, rugged power banks, and a lot more. Another reliable kind of power bank is the one with built-in cable, which benefits when charging cable is left at home and you are stuck with useless power bank.

Charging Power and Recharging

After all above, when it comes to the use of power banks is its charging speed. More often than usual, Mini power banks don’t really have fast charging speed. However, the power banks with multiple USB ports is something where charging speed matters the most as you want it to deliver fast and equal charging speed to each device. For charging a device, 2 Amp is an ideal speed for each port of the power bank so you must look for power banks with 2.4Amp charging speed.

Some special charging technologies like Quick Charge and USB-C are getting more common devices. And when power banks are used with compatible devices, they are able to charge them at very fast speed.


As mentioned earlier, there are a great number of companies selling power banks, you may find a lot of innovation. We must say that there is a mixed bag of companies that sell both high-quality as well as low-quality power banks.

Some companies take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge and fool them by using phrases like “fast charging” or “small compact size.” these are the power banks that feature slow charging speed of 1 Amp. Hence, it is advisable to look over the details and see what the power bank features with its Input and Output speed of charging. In addition, you must look for the company’s warranty as, with a long warranty, they show that their product holds value and quality.

Final Thought

However there several power banks from different brands are available in the market, it is good to do your own research before making a purchase. The aforementioned points would be quite helpful to find out the best quality and right power bank for you. As many students registered in online life experience degree by top university use such portable charger for recharging their devices.

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