Choose the Best Instagram Themes for WordPress Website

When it comes to managing your site, the first rule is that it should be easy to navigate and pleasant to the eyes. Whether it is the content, the design or the theme – the site should be given maximum attention so that you can come up with attractive features and designs for your viewers. It will ensure that they keep coming back to your website again and again. There are different types of themes which you can opt for, and they have many features, but the best choice would be the ones which are blending well with the subject of your website.

If your site is primarily image oriented, then Instagram based themes are some of the most trending types of website themes which you can opt. These kinds of designs have many benefits and are popular among every group of users irrespective of their age and interest. since Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and many people surf through it round the clock. They are familiar with the site and can surf at their convenient time to find exactly what they are looking for.

Getting more followers

When you are using the various social media for business promotion, the main aim is to ensure that you are getting more and more people who are interested in your products through this platform. You can get more followers who would be interested in your products through the various social media platforms when you use them strategically for promotion. The main aim is to get more followers who would be interested in your company and your website. You can use Facebook and Instagram for this purpose given they have the highest traffic possible among the various social media platforms which are available.

If you are trying to get more and more people who would be interested, here are specific Instagram based website themes for WordPress in particular which you can choose. Equipped with many features and functions, it makes them perfect for all kinds of a website you want. You can even use Gramblast for getting more viewers who would be genuinely interested in your site.

Brixton’s blog

Everyone has their unique approach to blogging and storytelling through it. You need a flexible and responsive interface which would be easy to navigate for most users, and this is a criterion that is fulfilled by Brixton. It is a fundamental and straightforward-looking blog theme, and it is majorly popular because of its simplistic design. Furthermore, it is entirely compatible with Instagram. That is a great help since people often use Instagram as a primary promotional platform for many users. It comes with a slider and is continuously updated with new features which are very helpful and can be used to enhance the experience of your viewers further. The overall design of the theme is very attractive, and it is one of the most popular choices when your primary focus is on making sure that your content advertised through the various social media handles that you have for your website.


One cannot discuss the best Instagram based WordPress theme and leave out redwood. It is particularly popular among bloggers and has been specifically designed keeping bloggers in mind. However, redwood has a very versatile design choice you have it can be used for different genres of website subject including certain types of industrial websites as well. The interface is very adaptable, and it can help you regarding promotional works as well by the various features associated with the theme. You can sync your website with Instagram and ensure that your site viewers can reap the full benefit of the Instagram feeds and know more and more about your content and even the back story of your works. It is essential for gripping the interest of your viewers who are likely to feel valued when you share such insider’s details with them through your social media platforms.

Buzz blog

There are many functions and predefined material which are part of this particular theme. While your work is made simpler through the tools it comes with and also the effort, you need a certain amount of web designing skill to handle its features well. This theme allows you the flexibility to have as many as sixty index pages and 12 variations of the blog layout. You have a full-width Instagram feed feature on this blog theme which is the most striking and important feature of this particular theme. It syncs well for a WordPress blog, and if you are looking for ways in which you can attractively display your content, this is a trendy and suitable choice. There are different types of buzz blog design which you can choose depending on the kind of content that you are going to display through it.


It is a blog theme which has a magazine style layout and one of the most popular choices among all the Instagram based themes that are available for WordPress. There are many attractive pre-built materials, and the theme is extremely versatile. The theme has all the social media buttons you might need, and there are many widgets, and add-ons which are compatible with this particular theme and users can incorporate into it. The most recent Instagram images that you have would be displayed as a part of the website and appear along with the number of likes and the comments that are there. Since this theme helps you to publicise the popularity of your social media handles as well, you are likely to get followers to your social media pages through this as well.


There are different types of Instagram based themes which are suitable for a WordPress website. If you are trying to design your site on an Instagram based interface, these are some of the top themes which you can opt for. They are equipped with the latest design and features which would help you gain more and more followers who would be interested in your website. If you are not sure about what to choose, research the web and find out what your competitors are doing. That should give you some pointers, to begin with.

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