Choosing the right Preschool or Montessori for your child

Montessori for your child

Children have the maximum grasping power till the age of 5. They learn and retain maximum in that age. So it is very important to fuel this learning process and steer it into the right direction. Preschool learning can help in developing a child’s interests and abilities. It is important to understand children’s interests are so as to maximise their learning.

Preschool education has gained much importance in the recent years and there are many preschools available in the country. It is important to choose the right one for your child. The list of factors to keep in mind while choosing a preschool appropriate for your child can be quite long; for example, distance from your home, amenities provided at the school, timings of the school, curriculum, teaching, number of children in a class, play areas, etc. These things could be deciding factors for parents looking to admit their child in a preschool. Therefore, it would feasible to have a list of top preschools in Mumbai or in your area handy to choose from.

Another popular form of early life education is Montessori education. It is very different from preschool education. It is more of a hands-on approach where children can choose what they want to learn and the teachers provide support and lead them through the process. Children are allowed to function individually or as a group for different activities which allows them to understand and explore their own potential. It is more of learningthrough experiencing kind of a pattern which has proven very successful in the overall development and lead to enhanced understanding of various subjects in children.

There are a number of Montessori in Mumbai and other cities of India to choose from. Admitting your child in a Montessori can be very beneficial to your child. The environment of a Montessori is very friendly and not at all school like. From the very beginning, children are encouraged to follow their natural instincts and choose what they want to learn. They are provided with a great amount of support and encouragement from the teachers and staff at the Montessori to fuel the learning process.

Enrolling your child in the preschool or Montessori of your choice is important for you as much as for your child. You as a parent have to be able to trust the institution your child goes to and become a part of your child’s learning process. Children, on the other hand, should enjoy their time there and be comfortable going to school. All this can be ensured only with thorough research by the parents before enrolling their child in a particular school and post-enrollment, a keen interest in what your child is learning at the school.

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