Choosing The Top 5 Email Migration Services

Email migration refers to a process by which emails can be migrated seamlessly from an email client to another client. This is also popularly called mailbox migration through which emails, contacts, tasks and appointments can also be migrated. Below are the top 5 email migration services:




#1. BigRock

Their email migration services are considered to be one of the best in the industry. BigRock email solutions have an intuitive and clear design. Clients will only pay for what they use. There are inbuilt spam filters to protect the emails. You can also avail of their attractive money-back guarantee. You can enjoy 5GB storage on the mail servers, so that no email is lost. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure guarantees a 100% uptime and complete redundancy. You will not experience any data loss. You will also be updated with appointments and any pending task. You can also maintain a list of contacts through productivity tools from OpenXchange. Finally, at Big Rock, you will get custom supports through emails, phone calls and chats.

#2. Rediff

This email hosting provider is one of the leading providers of email migration solutions. It allows businesses to protect their critical data and control mail exchange in their domains. The whole architecture if integrated and supervised by Rediff. This is why businesses can save on capital and operational costs. More than 100 million users of Rediffmail will be able to use these solutions.

#3. Go4hosting

There are times when business operations may require an environment that is prepared for email migration. During such times, it becomes necessary to shift the critical data to some other system. This is when you need an email hosting provider like Go4Hosting which can offer you flexible email migration options. When you choose Go4Hosting, you can ensure that the data is transferred easily. Besides transferring documents, this web hosting company supports shift of images and attachments too. Go4Hosting can also offer customized packages to cater to your budgetary restrictions. You will also benefit from a team comprising of skilled experts for migration. This team will make sure that your tasks, calendars and contact and documents are transferred in a hassle-free manner.

#4. 12k2

i2K2 has been pioneer in enterprise email hosting solutions and they cater to clients from different industrial backgrounds. They are reputed to provide the finest mailing solutions like Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra. Their email solutions are known to be scalable, reliable and secure. This email hosting provider understands enterprise-level email, calendaring and collaboration solutions better than its competitors. I2K2 offers a fully-functional console for management, virus-free email services, high customizability and free migration from existing providers. You can enjoy round-the-clock support.

#5. MicroHosting

This is another of the top email hosting providers which offer email migration solutions. Amongst the many services it offers the key ones that deserve mention are business email hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting and domain registration. MicroHost offers unparalleled solutions to its clients, including businesses and government offices. It can provide enterprise-level solutions for affordable rates. MicroHost is also known for excellent customer support, flexibility, uptime, pricing etc.

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