Chopta – heaven for trekking enthusiasts

Chopta is the point from where the Tungnath trekking expedition, which is also known as the third Kedar, begins. The place is situatedat the height of nearly 2700 m above the sea level, and you can find amazing greenery in this place throughout the year. Beautiful mountains, snow, and hills can surely mesmerize the visitors here.  You can easily reach Guptkashi from this place, and the entire surrounding place is well connected with the road network. The place gets snowfall during the months of December and January, and it is better to avoid this season for your vacation. The summer season is ideal if you plan to visit this place as it has moderate temperature and hence you can enjoy the trekking and beauty of nature to the fullest extent.

Tungnath Temple:

The temple is situated on top of ChandranathParvat, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place is also one of the PanchKedar locations of our country. It is said to be the highest temple of Lord Shiva and stands at an elevation nearly 3700 meters above the sea level. The temple is believed to be more than 1000 years old, and it was discovered by AdiShankaracharya. The Ancient Temple has the best architecture, and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the temple as well as surrounding areas. It is now maintained by the local villagers of Maku region.


The place is situatedat the height of nearly 4000 meters above the sea level, and it is the beginning point for trekking enthusiasts. You can see many tourists camping in open grounds in this location. The Tunganath temple of Lord Shiva is very close to this place and it is really easy to travel in here. It is better to avoid the rainy season if you plan to visit this place as it rains heavily in this region. The entire place and its surrounding areas are very popular for adventure sports activities.

Devariya Naga Temple:

The place is also called OmkarRatneshwarMahadev, and it is dedicated to the Naga Devatha. You have to trek for some distance from Sari village to reach this place. The architecture found in this temple is similar to that of Tungnathtemple, and you can find a lingam along with the copper coiled image of a snake in the temple.

Sari village:

The village is situatedat the height of nearly 6500 feet above the sea level, and it is considered the base camp for other trekking destinations. Many people come here and stay for some time before beginning their tracking activities. You can get to see different varieties of butterflies and other birds in this scenic location.

Deoria Tal:

The amazing lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and dense trees. As the place is very close to the Kedarnath Musk Deer sanctuary, you can also spot many animals around the lake during the early morning. You can easily camp for a couple of days at this place and enjoy your trekking and other sports activities.

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