Civil Engineers are on High Demand

Engineering is one of the most sought after careers across the globe. This particular course offers a challenging, learning as well as rapid career growth; all you need is to be intelligent and innovative at the same time. As a profession, engineering has a lot to offer along with excellent work cultures and high salary packages. Hence, if you are looking for a career that offers a secured future, then engineering is definitely the right option for you to consider.

Engineering has a wide field with multiple sub-disciplines. It is therefore, the field you choose would be the deciding factor for your career. But before choosing the specific field, it should be clear in your mind what you have passion for. If you have the passion for constructing buildings, bridges, roads and so forth contributing for the development of the civilized society, civil engineering is the course you should opt for.

The entire infrastructural framework of a modern nation is created by the civil engineers. The credit of building mighty power plants, highways, airports, dams, sea ports and industrial plants goes to civil engineers. In fact, these professionals are also engaged in building a wide array of urban structures like complexes, tunnels, skyscrapers and so on.

In developing countries like India, there is a huge scope for civil engineers and researches revealed that India requires approximately 40 lakhs civil engineers by 2020.

Although, it is a challenging career path, you can make it successful with the right selection of specialization offered by the top engineering universities in Jaipur or from elsewhere in the country. Some popular specializations of this branch are discussed below for the better understanding of the career scope for these professionals.

Engineering Design:

Civil Engineers deal with the modeling and drafting of the projects using software tools like Revit Architecture, ETABS, SAFE, etc. If you have hands-on software experience along with adequate knowledge in design technique, you will be preferred by a majority of firms in India as well as abroad.

Construction Engineering:

This sector has amazing career opportunities and employment prospects for these professionals. All you need to have is a strong domain of knowledge, ability to read CAD drawings and basic knowledge of trade work like machining. Also, it acts as an advantage if you have ideas on common structural rules and prefabrication.

Transportation Engineering:

In this area of work, transportation engineers are required to design transportation systems accordingly in order to meet the demands of the place. In India, there is a huge scope for these professionals because Indian transportation networks are now undergoing through major upgrades.

However, if you want to enroll into the top university in Jaipur for b tech or for that matter in any other university of the country, you need a strong background in both math and other subjects of the science stream. Once you enter the institute, it will offer theoretical and practical knowledge in the chosen specialized subject preparing you for the professional field.

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