Cleaning Apartment: How to Organize Cleaning and Keep Clean?

Cleaning Apartment

Cleaning Apartment

This question is especially relevant for a young mother whose life is completely focused on the baby. One of the main problems in this period is the absolute lack of time – for oneself, for my husband, for friends and relatives, not to mention business matters, including cleaning the apartment.

But the purity of the apartment has, first of all, practical value. A small child needs appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions which can often only be given with a thorough steam mop or deep shampoo. So, we clean the apartment quickly, without spending on this process unnecessary nerves and forces.

Cleaning Apartment

Emotional mood

It is very important that during economic troubles there was not just a good, but a cheerful mood, which in many the ays helps the process to go as energetically as possible. In this case, the correct psychological attitude is important: now I will quickly remove everything and my house will be clean and good, get out – this is such nonsense for me! Installation is wrong: again this endless cleaning, I can not stand household chores that never end!

Energetic music is very invigorating and improves the mood during economic affairs. Put your favorite disc or cassette and see how things will go much more fun.

And one more important point – take the cleaning of the apartment for a certain time, for example, one hour, and make yourself a condition to do everything planned for this period. This setup also helps to concentrate.

Two or more cases at once

And now the work began to boil … In order not to waste time and at the same time to ease your efforts, you can simultaneously engage in several cases at once.

Where to begin? Of course, everyone has their own priorities, but it’s best to pay attention to the most “unpleasant” places, which, nevertheless, are considered “the face of the hostess” – the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

In the kitchen, plug the sink and soak the dirty dishes in hot water, adding a dishwashing liquid. What for? After being soaked, the dishes will be washed very quickly.

In the meantime, wipe the plate, the surfaces of the tables, the cabinet doors, the refrigerator. Remove all the extra pots and pans that create a feeling of clutter inside the lockers.

It remains to quickly rinse the dishes – and the kitchen is almost in perfect order.

In the bathroom, let the hot water run out of the shower, close the door, let the bathroom fill with steam, after all, after exposure to steam, the dirt is removed more quickly. Wash the sink, bath and toilet bowl with a special detergent. After a few minutes turn off the water and wipe all surfaces with a sponge.

There is another good way: windows, mirrors, shower doors are most easily cleaned by sprinkling them with a spray to wash the windows, then passing through a special rubber scraper – that’s all!

Dusted bottles and tubes put inside cabinets (they can be done when there is time for a more thorough cleaning).

If you are expecting guests, select two or three bottles in one color scheme and compose the composition. Well, if the color of towels and soap, too, will match the tone of accessories. Put a new piece of soap in the soap dish, which always looks prettier than a remnant.

Your assistants

Optimize the cleaning process will help simple items for the economy and household chemicals. First of all, a bucket with a device for squeezing and a mop with replaceable nozzles. Or a mechanical squeegee, which can be squeezed out with a single lever movement. She will help, without bending or straining, to quickly wash the floors. Yes, and rinse the floorcloth in a bucket of water – not an enjoyable occupation.

Do not miss the chance to buy special wipes at the hardware store for wiping dust – they instantly collect dust even from polished surfaces – and wipes for wet cleaning – they do not leave any streaks. Sponges – one-sided and bilateral, with a special hard layer for rubbing the stains.

You will also need a spray that prevents the accumulation of dust on household appliances by removing the static voltage – after spending 15 minutes per month on this process, you will save yourself from contemplating the ever dusty screen of the TV or the panel of the music center. The same effect can be achieved with furniture, also once a month wiping it with a special polish.
A variety of means for washing glasses, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, etc. allows you to choose for every taste (or rather, smell) and a purse. This is especially effective for kitchen furniture, which quickly gets dirty.

Do not sacrifice on all of the above – it’s saving your own time and energy.

Approaching the Ideal

We pass into the rooms. Most of the time it takes to arrange the scattered things in places. If there is no time at all, take a basket or a large package and collect scattered books, cosmetics and other small things in them. And in the places, you will decompose later when there is a free minute.

Now we take out the vacuum cleaner. Many perceive this technological stage of work as superfluous and try to save time on it. However, as practice shows, for effective cleaning, it is necessary, because the vacuum cleaner not only collects invisible dust but also various other garbage. If everything should not be vacuumed properly, it will be much more difficult to wash floors and it is possible that crumbs will creak under your feet.

Walk quickly with a vacuum cleaner on the carpet and floors, straighten the cushions, bedspreads, napkins. Wipe away the dust, paying special attention to the panels of household appliances, on which it accumulates as a result of static stress. If the house has houseplants, freshen them and at the same time flush the dust, spraying them from the spray gun. Now almost everything is ready for wet cleaning.

Before you wash the floors, pay attention to the glass and mirror surfaces. If they do not shine, and even more so they have spots, the apartment does not look clean.

Sprinkle them with a spray to wash the windows, wipe with a dry rag.

In order not to waste time on moving furniture, raise the chairs and all that can be lifted, and begin to wipe the floors. This can be done very quickly if everything is already prepared. Remember that usually, the most dust accumulates under the batteries and along the skirting boards.

The regime is not for the sake of regime, but for the sake of convenience

How often do I have to clean up and what is better – every day a little or a rare, but accurate general cleaning? This question does not have a universal answer and it is necessary to be guided by one’s own convenience or habit.

For someone normal routine maintenance of cleanliness is normal – to do little things, not to accumulate: today – washing, tomorrow – washing the floors, the day after tomorrow – kitchen affairs. In this approach, there are many advantages: it does not take much time and effort, but without the habit of ordering it is difficult to implement.

Another option is the accumulation of economic hassles, which ends with a large cleaning. In this situation, typical for people who are accustomed to a free regime, one can not get annoyed by everyday worries, replacing them with something more enjoyable, and at the moment of extreme necessity at once do all the accumulated business.

But if there is a small child in the house, daily cleaning of the children’s room becomes an axiom. The consolation here can only be that even a wet cleaning of the children’s room takes quite a bit of time, the main part of which is laying out the places of scattered toys and things.

In any case, remember that you have household members who can be organized – as much as possible to take part in cleaning or take some business for yourself, at least – do not interfere, which is also very important.

More useful tips

See cleaning routine video:


If the house has a cat or a dog that regularly sheds, it is wiser to cover up the soft furniture with easily washable covers or cloaks. Less laborious option – put decorative napkins only in those places where your pets like to be built. Under the bowl with food, put paper towels to make it easier to take out the garbage. Brush the vacuum cleaner lightly grease with glycerin, then it will be easier to assemble the carpet from the carpet.

Place a beautiful basket near the sofa or bed to add books, remote control, glasses and other small items. At least, nothing will lie on the floor.

Buy or sew a beautiful veil on the bed, so that there was an incentive to clean the bed in the morning! A disassembled bed, even with sterile cleanliness, does not create the effect of a cleaned apartment.

In the evening, do not be too lazy to take the time to leave the kitchen clean.

Starting a day with pleasant emotions is great!

After the shower, wipe the shower door – then they will not form a dull plaque.

Washing the mirrors

The mirror is well wiped with a cotton swab moistened with methylated spirit (purified alcohol), and then with soft, but not newspaper, paper. The heavily soiled mirror can be washed as follows: we add 50 g of vinegar and 501 chalks to 2 cups of hot water, stir well and let stand. Drain the stagnant liquid in another container and wipe the mirror with it, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. It should be ensured that when washing, the liquid does not get on the back side or the frame.

Wipe sponges and napkins after cleaning with a detergent. After a while, rinse them in cold water and dry. During the next harvest, they will be pleasantly picked up.

To drain in the bathroom and kitchen are not clogged, once a week, water them with steep boiling water.

We hope that cleaning will now turn into an easy and enjoyable occupation for you. The main thing is that after her in the apartment – cleanliness, which pleases both your family members and you.

Care of carpets

Not more than twice a year the carpet can be cleaned with a soft hair brush moistened with water with ammonia (2 tablespoons of alcohol per 1 liter of water). After cleaning, the carpet is wiped dry with a rag.

Removing stains from carpets:

From beer, wine, liquor, vodka is removed with warm water and detergent. Wet a rag with this solution and wipe the stain, and then rinse the solution with warm water and vinegar (1 teaspoon per liter of water);
From coffee, cocoa, tea – cold water with glycerin (1 tablespoon per liter of water);
From red wine and fruit juices – cold water with a few drops of ammonia;
From perfume and cologne (very difficult to remove) – warm water with the addition of “News”, and then with clean warm water;
From fats – gasoline.

Do not forget: after the stain is removed, the whole carpet needs to be wiped with clothes brush moistened with the detergent solution, and then with a simple wet brush or sponge.

Carpets do not like: Very hard brushes, dampness, hot water, spilled tea, coffee, milk. To prevent the appearance of bald spots on the carpet from the legs of the furniture, it is recommended to put a piece of rubber under the legs.

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