Comfort or style on the bike?

There are a lot of times we need to face this great dilemma of comfort or style when it comes to taking our bicycle, either for some urban travel, for a walk or for training. The purely personal attitude of how everyone wants to get dressed, as others care more about their image outward, while others care about being as comfortable as possible on the bike up. So, what do you prefer? Do you want to be comfortable or to be stylish instead?

Clearly, this is not a matter of controversy, and of course it is clear that both have sides have their advantages and disadvantages. As soon as you read this particular issue, you will end up deciding which style suits you best.

The clothing options, when we are on the bike have their roots deep in our childhood. When young people were using a pair of leggings and a short sleeve and we were comfortable and handsome, without having to concern about what our friends would say, and the same are probably the case today. Also, if we were wearing a pair of jeans, we would feel sour and we were going to choose something different the next time because the comfort is what we are looking for.

But if we wore our finest and most beautiful clothes to get out of school, then we probably still care about style, not performance or comfort. But as you decide to dress, be comfortable or beautiful in order to ride the bike, you will certainly not have made a bad choice if you have chosen what you want. Even if your decision was wrong – for example, go out on a snow bike with a pair of jeans, thin socks and a patent shoe – it does not mean you did not do the right thing. You were going for a morning coffee; you should not wear your bike boots!

On the other hand, however, we have often found ourselves in the face of dilemmas concerning practicality or comfort or a combination of these and ending with our very own choices. For example, the time is coming when we want to buy a new bicycle helmet. Once we have decided on its features and if it meets all the safety standards we go to the bicycle store and we see that there are 5 different colors. After pains and bruises, we manage to distinguish two colors that make us like them a little bit more but we ended up buying nothing because none of the helmets were color-compatible with most of our bicycle clothes.

Another, similar example is the convenience and beauty offered by a Copenhagen bike in urban travel, always in comparison to another type of bicycle. Have you tried to use a single-speed bike? Have you tried to climb even a small hill without having any other choice of speed? Are the thin tires offering the security that you would like in the mornings that the roads are full of moisture? We know that heavy-style bikes are difficult to be ridden and not designed for use in the city, but they are certainly infinitely more comfortable and safe than a single-speed.

So, what are you eventually going to choose? Are you going to choose your comfort instead of your style or vice versa? Whatever you choose, however, the time you spend on the bike is precious, as it helps you get lost from any kind of thoughts and problems of everyday life and all you care about is that you never have to get off the bike. So it simply doesn’t matter what you wear. Cycling is the thing that matters the most.

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