The Company That Helps Your Practice Grow

Physicians’ Management Solutions was founded in Arizona in 2002. After growing their reputation as the leaders among medical billing companies, they moved their headquarters to California, where it stays to this date. One of their key philosophies is that their partner’s success is their own success. They offer full service in medical billing and consulting. Their clients vary from small private practices, to large, well established medical groups. Different types of clinics, practices and private medical business seek Physicians’ Management Solutions to help them organize and develop medical billing. The company specializes in the billing of neurology, cardiology, and pulmonology. Each and every client gets their own personal accountant manager, and claims specialist.

They offer data security and leave little room for error. They employ highly trained specialists to ensure that your data is always secured and that the processes used in medical billing are highly accurate and efficient.  Physicians’ Management Solutions are a great choice for anyone who wants to develop their practice and improve their ratings and reputation in competitive market.

PMSI Group

Many of their clients started as small businesses and later developed to well-established medical facilities.  This company pride themselves in being a tech-savvy.  Their employ extremely qualified individuals in their IT department, who help the clients to increase their revenue and businesses. 

Apart from ensuring that your medical billing is done in 100% legal manner, they offer consultations at all times. Their medical billing services include electronic claim submissions and remittance. That is followed, then, by aging analysis. They are extremely thorough in their work, ensuring stable and secure medical billing.

They view their relationships with clients as partnerships. This kind of approach ensures the success on both sides.  Physicians’ Management Solutions are viewed as leaders in medical billing services Torrance, and California.


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