A Complete Guide – How to Get Tickets To A Chelsea Match?

To watch a live football match is one-of-its-kind experience. For a football lover what can be more exciting than watching a Chelsea FC football match? However, you need Chelsea tickets in advance to enjoy the match. Here is a complete guide for you to get tickets to a Chelsea Match.

Unarguably football is the most watched sport of the world. Watching football match and that too an international one is perhaps one of the most cherished desire of a football lover. However, one can only get entry to the match when s/he has tickets, and to get one is not a piece of cake. Here is a complete guide which one must go through before buying Chelsea tickets.

How To Reserve Your Tickets In Advance?


The most convenient and stress-free way to reserve Chelsea FC tickets is to purchase them online. If you are visiting London as a tourist, make sure that the dates of your trip are flexible. This makes sure that even if the match would be postponed or changed, you will be able to enjoy it. There are several reasons for which matches get postponed, like bad weather or simply reorganization by the club for their own whys and wherefores.


Before booking tickets online, keep the following points in mind:

  • Confirm the exact date and time of the match before the scheduled date.
  • Be prepared for any change at short notice.
  • If you are visiting from an outstation, make sure your arrival date is at least two days before the match.
  • Go through the terms of services if you are booking online tickets.

General sale

Although a bit riskier in terms of non-availability, the next most suitable method to get Chelsea tickets is through general sale. Bigger the game is, lesser are the chances of a general sale. Tickets for matches like FA Cup and Premier League against strong oppositions are usually not available for general sale. So in order to get tickets by this method, you need a proper planning and some luck. Check out the dates on which the tickets will be available and hunt for it. As the time period for purchase remains short and limited, keep all the essential information like credit card details etc. on your fingertips.


At the gate of the playground

Buying tickets at the gate of playground is the most challenging and uncertain method. If the tickets are not completely sold, it will include purchasing ticket through a ticket tout. Never mind and take your chance if you haven’t booked it online yet.

Chelsea fc hospitality tickets

If you wish, you may also get hospitality tickets. However, they remain very costly. It doesn’t require membership.


Take heed of the aforementioned advices and get tickets to Chelsea FC matches easily. Good luck!

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