What to Consider When Comparing Hearing Aid Styles

Even though hearing aid cannot help in restoring the normal hearing it helps to absorb the sounds in the surroundings. In case of profound hearing issues or even in moderate hearing loss, hearing aids help in enhancing the awareness of sounds in patients. It even increases the awareness of source of sound. Since hearing aids, once purchased should be used regularly, one must choose a comfortable and good quality aid. For more information one can refer Audiology Island.  

Along with this, one must also consider factors like service or parts covered in the warranty, maintenance cost, repair cost, features, options, and upgrading opportunities when buying a hearing aid. It is better to check for the customer service of the supplier and the company’s reputation when it comes to hearing aids selling.

Hearing Aid Styles:

When it comes to choosing a hearing aid there are varieties of hearing aids available in the market. Some of the main factors to consider are inside the air or placement on, size, and the degree to which it can amplify the sound. These factors help in finding the best solution to the hearing problem. Audiology Island can be referred for more information.

There are two main categories when it comes to hearing aids. They are custom hearing aids and standard hearing aids.

Custom hearing aids are the ones which are personally made for every patient. They first consider their ear mold impressions. Then the hearing aids are designed to fir their ear shape.

Other category is standard hearing aids. They can be easily fit to a patient off the shelf. They are available ready and one can choose based on their requirement. Even though they are readily available one must go for programming and fitting once they are purchased. This must be done separately for every patient.

Other than these two main categories, there are four different styles of hearing aids available in the market. They have their own features and each one fit for different requirements. They are

  • Invisible in the canal hearing aids(IIC)
  • Completely in canal hearing aids (CIC)
  • In the canal hearing aids (ITC)
  • In the ear hearing aids (ITE)

Invisible –in – the ear styles are smallest in size and are least visible among all the types. These are completely invisible when they are fitted to majority of the cases. Overall sound quality absorbed can be improved by deep placement in the ear. For people with dexterity concerns these aids may not be suitable since they come with small batteries. Along with the handling, even frequent battery change may become difficult for few users. Volume and memory controls are not included in this type because of their small size.

Other type is completely in canal hearing aid. These come in larger size compared to IIC and these can fit deep in the ear. These are also hardly visible. Like IIC these hearing aids also come with small batteries and may be difficult to handle for people with dexterity concerns. Compared to larger aids, the batteries may need to be changed quite often.

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