What to consider when expanding your home in Australia

Expanding your home for extra space is always a good idea. Whether it’s for a brand new room or to add to a new one, getting an extension can be extremely helpful in some situations in Australia. However, it should be noted that there are some elements of the law in Australia that you need to take into consideration when you are thinking of getting an extension as you need to make a development application, consult your neighbours about the construction and then notify the public of your project.

Lodging a development application

This is the first step you take before you start building. You need to lodge a development application with the local council in your area. Certain factors can determine how the application is handled. These factors include zoning and land use regulations along with the local environment and development control plans in the area. Depending on these regulations you may or may not need to make an application before you start your project.

Considering the opinion of your neighbours

Two other factors that are included are the impacts that your construction could have on other properties along with the overall impact on the visuals that one of your neighbours may see. Which is why you need to consult your neighbours about the project. If you’re doing Home extensions in Brisbane or in any other region, you need to keep your neighbours in the loop and give them an opportunity to voice their opinion on the project.

Letting the Public Know

The same applies to the public. You need to let members of your local community see your application. House Extensions in Brisbane or other regions must also allow people to lodge an objection to your work if they see that your work has a negative effect. You can reduce the likelihood of objections being lodged if you consult your neighbours and find a compromise on the project.

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