Why Should You Consider Open Adoption From A Christian Adoption Agency?

If you want to know about open adoption and its benefits, you have come to the right place. Here, we tell you the benefits of open adoption for child, parents, and families.

Open adoption includes sharing of full identity information between the birth parents and adoptive parents during adoption of a child. In this, the potential birth mother and interested adoptive families personally interact with each other. This mode of interaction may vary from letters, e-mails, telephone calls to personal visit for different families.

Open adoption from a Christian Adoption Agency is considered the best approach of adoption for all the parties involved. Through this mode, biological mother, and prospective parents become able to experience a healthy relationship in which they not only bless each other but also bless the child.

Let us find out some potential advantages of an adoption for biological parents, adoptive parents, and the blessed child.

Welfares Associated For Birth Parents

Provide a chance to oversee things

It gives birth parents power to review, interview and choose the most promising parents to place their baby with. It gives birth mothers a sense of control where they have an authority to take the most important decision for their child.

Remove unwanted suspicions

When biological parents interact with adoptive parents, they become sure about the well being of their child through talks and updates. It removes unnecessary fears and uncertainties that are caused by thinking what is going to happen with the child.

A bond with the child

To develop a healthy relationship with child after adopting is possible only with an open adopting. Biological parents can visit, watch their child grow and even develop a strong bond with him/her in due course of time.

How adoptive family is benefitted with open adoptions?

Removes fear

When adoptive family can communicate the birth mother, no room is left for doubt which may arise when parents are not aware of the birth mother’s intentions behind the adoption.

Full information about medical history

In an open adoption, a complete medical history is provided to adoptive parents.


Being an adoptive family, they get to know why they were chose and this gives not only encouragement but also a proud moment to adoptive family.

A good relationship

In open adoption, all facts, figures, and identities are clear between the two families. It gives them a chance to develop a sound relationship with each other which is quite facilitating for the development of the child.

Knowledge about child’s history

Whose is the child? Where has it come from? There is no room for such questions when it comes of open adoption from a Christian Adoption Agency as you have full information regarding child’s history.

What are the advantages for the adopted child?

Known identity

Adopted children often struggle hard to know about their hidden identities. However, in an open adoption, it becomes easier to find the answers of some infamous questions for the child, like who am I? S/he can access his/her biological family directly to gather information about family history.

No sense of abandonment

When child is given chance to communicate with his/her birth families, s/he doesn’t experience a feeling of abandonment which often arise in adopted children.

Removes search and research

Open adoption removes the probable search of the child for his/her birth mother and family.

Medically informed

The child remains well informed about his/her medical history which may be quite useful in future in any case of medical symptoms or genetics.

Communication is the key element in an open adoption, be it child, his/her biological parents or adoptive parents. It not only makes facts and information transparent to all the parties but also ease the adoption process.

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