Few Cool Tips for a Happening Theme Party

Masquerade Theme

Parties are in itself a fun thing. The idea of meeting your friends and family along with some lip smacking delicacies and foot tapping music in a lovely ambiance is beyond happiness. However, initially, the face of parties was quite different. A small get-together, some music, and food were the only synonym of theparty. But with thepassage of time, people got bored and came up with exciting ideas to make the celebrations livelier. And hence ‘Theme based parties’ came into existence.


While is no limit to your imagination and creativity as far as themes for parties are concerned, here are few popular and happening themes for your Birthday and Anniversary celebrations. But there is a lot more to the party than theme, and you can go for preparations one by one.

#Invitation card

The invitation card needs to be thoroughly impressive with stylish fonts that reflect your taste and personality. Do mention the theme on the card so that guests can prepare for the same. You can get a card designed online or opt for handmade cards.

#The quintessential Cake

The cake is an essential part of your celebration so plan for it in advance. You can get online cake delivery in Nagpur on the day of booking at mentioned time. You can also opt for handmade cake or get a customized cake made from alocal cake shop.

#Deciding the theme for party


This can be a pretty amazing theme for a happening party. You can dress up in formals and arrange for a casino set-up at venue whereby guests can try their hands on.


This is the most fun theme as people can dress up like any of their favorite movie stars. You can plan a retro theme or recreate the ambiance like that of a cinema hall.

#Destination Themes

Destination themes are unique ideas wherein you can create the ambiance just like that of a city like London, Paris or Italy. You would need many props and artifacts, but the efforts will be worth it.

#Romantic Themes

Romance is all about dressing up sexy, candle, lights, flowers, and some soothing music along with dance. Do get your basics right and the rest will follow to be a memorable night.

#Costume Themes

Costumes are fun things, and you can opt from Clown, Halloween, Doctor, Nurse, Animals, Birds, Warriors and many more. The party will be full of people dressed in distinct attires.

#Back to School

This theme offers a chance to revisit school days with uniform, classroom like ambiance, tables chairs, books, etc.

#Masquerade Theme

Masquerade theme is quite interesting as the masks are very intriguing and hold a mystery with them. The mask theme is quite classy with stylish attires like gowns for women and Suit for men. You can go for masks such as Plain, embellished, superhero theme, black & gold, peacock hues and many more.

If it’s a birthday party that you are planning for, you can get birthday cake online India delivered on the same day of booking.

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