Corporate Vehicle Leasing Company India with Benefits for Employee And Company

Vehicle leasing is a significant alternative to auto loans. It is primarily a global method, which helps you to acquire an automobile. It further helps in offering a one-stop solution for matching all your vehicle needs. It is no doubt that owning a car is rather a complicated procedure, especially when you are working with car dealers. The same complication continues, even when you deal with taxation, antennae workshops, and even some insurance companies. To get rid of all these problems, vehicle leasing is best. It helps in centralising the procedures and reduces all sorts of administrative work. You can even save time with comfort, financial advantages and flexibility.

Some more detailed information

Reputed corporate vehicle leasing company India would like to offer you with an end to end leasing services. Now, you have the opportunity to decide on the kind of vehicle you want, with financing and procurement. You can even choose the maintenance facilities, insurance premium, accidental repair and inspections, from the same firm. The same company can even offer you with information on substitute vehicles, under one roof. The benefits of vehicle leasing are not just restricted to employees, but to the companies, as well. To know more about it, you need to log online for detailed information.

corporate vehicle leasing company india


Reason to own vehicle fleet

A leaseback and sale with reputed leasing companies can help in removing ownership cost and maintenance time, as well. It can allow you to stay focused on the main business routine. Leaseback further helps in enabling you to sell the present fleet to the firm and offer immediate capital to be used for your business growth. It will not affect your current finding lines, as related to the off-balance sheet. Furthermore, this same feature can offer immediate management of fleet, followed by consolidating the running cost into a single payment. From cost control to the reduction of disposal risk, everything comes handy for you.

Benefits allotted for the company

The operational lease is termed as a rental agreement. It is based on usage and not on ownership. The vehicles will be leased for a pre-determined time and kilometre limit. You are free from paying any down payment, which you have to work on while buying a new car. It helps in tax saving. The company is here to save tax on present lease rental paid for the vehicle. All sorts of expense, from principal to the interest rates, are expensed off. Moreover, the same leasing service offers you with non-capitalization and higher liquidity.

Now for the employees

Other than proving to be beneficial for the company, the same vehicle leasing service is great for the employees, as well. They are about to receive 100% car funding, followed by no down payment. Eligible employees now have the right to save taxes on the lease rental or EMI paid for the car. You can even save tax on car maintenance. Furthermore, the same employees will receive insurance premium protection with a lifetime guarantee. These are some of the interesting points, which make vehicle leasing far more advantageous than buying a new car. You can even get to test drive, right at your premises!

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