CPI vs. DPI: Get to know more

If you are using a PC then you absolutely need a mouse. Everybody knows the significance of a mouse, and I don’t think I need to explain that. But once you go to buy a mouse, you would definitely come across two words- DPI and CPI. Now if you know about them, good enough. But if you don’t know, then it is a must that you learn. Because CPI and DPI are two most important features of a mouse. More specifically, if you are willing to buy a gaming mouse these two terms are the prime origin of confusion. So sharp up your knowledge.

What Is DPI? 

DPI is the abbreviation for Dots Per Inch. In simple words, it depicts the number of dots per inch, in a digital print.

What Is CPI? 

CPI is the acronym for Counts Per Inch. This definition is a bit hypothetical. It describes the number of steps a mouse will account, when it moves an inch. It is concerned with the sensitivity or the intensity of the mouse.

While CPI is a familiar word in the segment of gaming mouse, DPI on the other hand is a frequently used word in the printing world.

Point Of Confusion

Up until now, you might think, where is the confusion? Well, there certainly is. DPI is a more used word in the digital industry. Hence, in spite of being connected to digital prints, DPI is used for depicting both CPI and DPI. And here lies the confusion for the users.


Now that you are aware of the confusion, you might be wondering which type of mouse would be suitable for you. In that case, as I have already said, CPI depicts the sensitivity of a mouse. Technically the DPI switch attached to a mouse is actually a CPI switch. As DPI is more of a familiar name for the users, companies tend to use DPI even with products having CPI related functions. This is actually their strategy to reach more customers.

However there are some companies, who make the right use of the term “CPI”. Sometimes after writing DPI they mention in bracket, what they actually refer is CPI that is, they write (Read CPI).

How Does It Affect The Users?

Well the users should not be very bothered, because, the manufacturers are well aware of the differences between DPI and CPI. It’s just to establish more customer base, that they name their products DPI. So you can keep using your good old mouse, and trust me it makes no difference. Just that you are managing or adjusting the sensitivity of your mouse. Nothing else.


CPI Vs. DPI- The Similarities

Technically there is no similarity between this two. DPI has nothing to do with a mouse, it is simply concerned with printers. Alternatively, CPI is very much concerned with the sensitivity of a mouse. So remember, for a mouse, both DPI and CPI reflects the same operations that are the operations of a CPI.

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