Data Collection Solutions for Small Australian Businesses

Data collection is nowadays a crucial aspect of doing business. Collecting sales and customer data gives businesses of all sizes a thorough understanding of the target customer base and an advantage over the competition. Knowledge, after all, is power. The problem with small local businesses is often that these companies don’t know that each should, and can, collect data. If you run a small Aussie business, do not overlook the importance of collecting data. It is not always expensive and difficult. Here is a list of simple and affordable methods small businesses can use to collect data:

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Use Online Tools

Online tools like Survey Monkey and Kissmetrics are almost free and relatively easy to use. You don’t need to spend any money on buying licensing fees or downloadable software when you use these tools. Online tools are available to everyone, so there’s really no excuse for a small business not to benefit from them. Use online tools to gather data by doing things like online surveys. You can also get general industry-wide data using these tools as well.

Install a POS System

Point of sale systems are invaluable tools businesses can use to both streamline transactions and gather customer data. A POS system can help your business collect almost all sales data and then generate reports based on this data. These systems often do not require expertise or much input for collecting data. Also, the collected data can be accessed on a smartphone or a computer for processing. Your business will only lose by not investing in POS systems.

Learn to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is completely free to use. This is essentially a web traffic assessment tool from Google. Analytics will provide your company with valuable information on traffic sources coming to your website, such as where is the traffic coming from, peak hours or day, and possibly demographic information as well. Use the Google Analytics plugin on all your company’s websites to gather this invaluable data. You will be able to fine-tune your online marketing and advertising strategy afterwards.

Survey Customers after Transactions

It’s not that important to conduct surveys randomly regarding your business. However, it is important to routinely survey existing customers and understand what makes them purchase from your businesses. Knowing so will be important for retaining these customers. So, survey customers soon after completing a transaction. Keep these surveys short and easy to complete so a customer can do one in a hurry.

Get Customer Feedback on Social Media

Use informal polling and other tools to gather customer feedback from social media channels. Social media is often a great tool for getting genuine opinions of customers so you can improve your products, services or the marketing strategy.

Hire a Third Party Company

If your small business does not have enough employees or resources to gather data on its own, it’s worthwhile to outsource the task. There are a number of reputable business intelligence companies in Australia that offer services even small businesses can afford. Don’t wait to benefit from these services.

It’s best to collect at least some amount of data than not to collect any data at all.

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