Designing Your Marketing Campaign For People

How to design a marketing campaign for people

For modern businesses to succeed; there must be a paradigm shift to the human experience.

Gone are the days when firms run businesses without considering the feelings of the customers expressed on the social media and other avenues. Can you imagine Facebook, Uber, Amazon and Apple going extinct? These are firms built on customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX).

How to design a marketing campaign for people

Customer experience was the main source of growth for industries. But today, it is becoming the source of entry into the corporate world. The business world is growing by the day, and the onus is on firms to deliver unique and inviting customer experience.

What we see today are a group of customers that hold corporate values and conscience in high esteem. Customers now consider corporate responsibility alongside customer service, quality, and the cost of whatever is offered. The fact that information is now very easy to access, places more power in the hands of customers and not companies. It is becoming clear to firms that information about their goods and services are spread by customers according to their individual experiences, more than the publicity done by these firms.

The need for customer experience is still solid. This enhances easy cooperation between firms and their partners. However, this alone does not suffice. Customers may not understand you until that human angle that makes them feel the relationship you are trying to build is enhanced.

We Now Have HX. What Does It Mean?

While customer experience has been the order of the day, some firms have gone one step ahead and have delved into the issue of human experience (HX). Here, firms try to comprehend and solve customers’ problems and not just to make money. Creation, friendship, knowledge, identity, and freedom are the major focus. A lasting value and relevance is achieved with partners, employees, and clients by firms that seek to understand and solve human problems through HX, and address transactional and functional needs at the same.

The Evolution of HX

The HX trend is one that brings up the need for a shift in the mission and structure of your firm, and this must be built on solid human interaction. This time, everything must be focused on purpose against profit. This needs a sort of emotional link that will surpass the need to address the ordinary problems of the customers.

Businesses can plug their information from and work on human natural desires. How can you ascertain the more pressing needs your clients? It is only when you understand their basic desires, feelings and values that you can understand what motivates them. By paying attention to the profiles of the people that patronize them, firms are able to understand the human desires through HX. With this, firms are able to address the transactional and functional needs, and handle the basic desires of the customers, by knowing the exact values and dispositions of different types of customers.

In the bid to comprehend and address some of the more important human problems like creation, identity and freedom, firms rise above their commercial needs.

Some people get satisfied when they create. You should treat your clients like an association of creators, if they value creation more. You can have them do something on the journal level after creating some things with your brand. An example of this is the freestyle machine by coca cola, which allows people mix and match different flavors depending on their individual choices and tastes. It increases creativity and fun.

How to design a marketing campain for human experience

How to Get There

Businesses are pushed towards another level by the shift from customer experience to human experience. In the bid to ascertain the link between their brand, its marketing and the human experience, firms have to engage in a lot of experiments. Your user interface and experience must revolve around the values your customers identify in you.

The equation that gives success will always be UX + CX + HX. After this, you have to examine your HX with your customers, to ascertain if the needed link exists. Have you been commended by the end users for enhancing what they value most? Have your user experience been focused on corporate value instead of the story of your brand.

Make sure a solid research is used to back the plan. Ensure that this aligns with the way customers relate with your products. Use ethnographic research, surveys and focus groups. Take the interaction to end users in the marketplace, stores, and their homes. Ensure that everything is thrown at it until the human values, feelings, and empathy are revealed. Make this a regular exercise after achieving it.

Five HX Principles to Adopt

  • Invest in the present and the future.
  • Work with insights as it is friendly to the environment.
  • Understand the customers and relate with them accordingly.
  • Ensure a synergy between your actions.
  • Don’t lose focus of the reason for your existence.

Go Human

As seen from the successful examples of projects like Vogueplay, you can only create brand advocates and loyalists through HX. While you can have a good social interaction through CX, HX is much deeper. People’s lives revolve around things that enhance their values in life. Products and services are patronized according to the value they add to the customers’ lives. Look through the human angle, maximize your potentials, and see your firm blossom in the HX focused economy.

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