Determining the Most Suitable Structure for Your Digital Ad Agency

In whatever business industry you venture into, the lack of proper planning will definitely seal the fate of your business. To be able to not only start an ad agency but to also ensure that it grows you need to have a great plan in place. Job specialization can go a long way especially if the business you have started is a large one.

Before you spend both your money on time venturing into the advertising business, you should first try to understand how it works. Whether you are planning on starting a big or small social media agency melbourne
, the structure should be similar. You might have bigger or smaller departments based on the size of the agency you are planning on starting. In a large agency, the number of people working in a department will depend on the demand found in it. For any advertising agency to be able to function properly, there are several departments that are key. The following are departments that make up a great structure for effective ad agencies:

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a) Account Services and Planning

The account services are the department that links the Digital Agency directly to its clients. It mainly comprises executives, directors, and managers. For any advertising agency to be capable of functioning effectively there is a need for this department. If you are planning on starting your own small startup agency, then you can take charge of this department.

Account planning department is made up of account managers and researcher. This department will be vital in ensuring that your ad campaign stays on target. It provides a strategic direction, focus groups, consumer insight and research to help the agency achieve its advertising campaign goals. By combining strategic thinking and research, they are able to produce effective and distinctive ads.

b) Creative and Finance

If you want your Digital Agency to be any good, you’ll need to make sure that the advertisements you produce are great. The creative agency is the lifeblood of any agency since it’s in charge of coming up with the products. This department will include people such as art directors, creative directors, copywriters, designers and web designers among others.

Finances are a vital part of any business organization. The finance department is responsible for handling the money coming into and going out of the agency. It deals with ensuring that things such as salaries, vendor costs, benefits, travel and day-to-day business costs. Without the proper handling of finances, even a great agency could easily fail.

c) Media Buying and Production Departments

Even a Digital Agency uses traditional forms of advertising such as TV and radio. The media buying department is in charge of purchasing time, internet banners, takeovers and newspaper insertions for the adverts that your agency is hired by. With the collaboration of the creative department, they are able to tell the media that they should buy.

The job of the production department is to take any ideas and turn them into products. Before the creative department can work on any ideas, they first need to consult the production department to help them get the feasibility before executing them. Once the agency sells an ad to the client, both the creative and account teams work with the production department to ensure that the ad is produced on a budget.

Departments will differ from one Digital Agency to the next. Some agencies will break down their departments into sub-departments with the aim of making them more effective and productive.

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