Diabetes Prevention Tips To lead A Healthy Life

Prevention is better than cure! This rings true in diabetes cases as well where anyone can make some minor lifestyle changes and stop the disease to spread further. Preventive measures are something nobody should ignore, particularly those diabetics who are either overweight or have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

After all, diabetes is not a fatal health concern unless you allow its impact to grow and complications toaggravate further. Its prevention is nothing more than taking some minor steps to stay healthy, engaging in more physical activity and shedding the extra pounds. Not doing all this means you allow the disease to reach the kidneys, nervous system as well as heart resulting in quite possibly serious damage in the long term.

  • Diabetes is a diseases characterized by the body’s ability to use blood sugar (glucose)
  • Glucose is a source of energy for the body cells and its presence in the body is needed in a certain amount
  • Diabetics have too much glucose in their blood for different causes or reasons, which may lead to serious health problems
  • When the glucose balances get disturbed, it leads to either type-1 or type-2 diabetes in the body
  • A Glucometer is a device that is used to check the level of glucose in the body

Here’s a concise list of diabetes prevention tips to follow –

1  Consult a doctor for diabetes testing

Testing the level of glucose in blood is what diabetics have to do on a daily basis to assess their medical condition regularly. There are glucose monitoring devices available for this purpose which helps ascertain the amount of glucose present in the body at any particular point of time. You can check high or low glucose levels accordingly based on the consultation with the doctor.

2  Incorporate more physical activity

Doing physical activity on a regular basis is invaluable and it’s something you should look to making into a daily routine. After all, it helps you lose weight, get the blood sugar levels down and enhance your insulin sensitivity. All this will clearly have a say and help you keep the blood sugar within a normal range. Furthermore, you should look to devise a fitness program involving aerobic and resistance training both, for better results.

3  Lose excess weight

Being overweight is a major concern for diabetics. In fact, such people face more risks and complications by the disease. Thus, you should look to lose any extra/undesired weight to minimize the risks to a great level. Many studies have shown the correlation between the amount of weight loss & the reduced risks of diabetes. So, there shouldn’t be any delay to start losing the extra weight right away.

4  Adopt a diet rich in fibre and whole grains

A balanced diet will help fight off the risks of diabetes as well as aid the weight loss. The primary focus should be on eating foods rich in fibre and whole grains. By eating more fibrous fruits, beans, nuts and vegetables on a daily basis, you not only ensure more wholesomeness to the body but also help in preventing/controlling diabetes. All the same benefits are available with whole grains and you should start taking more of them on a regular basis as well.

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