Different Flooring Types that are Polished to Attain Shine

Is your flooring shabby and drab and would like to regain its lost sheen? Then, you need to hire expert and professional Floor Polishing in Melbourne. These people come with the right equipment and use superior quality polishing material to cover up the flaws on your flooring. Undeniably, over time the flooring gets worn out. This takes off the look of the place and makes the property look older than its actual age. The flooring would be filled with voids, grooves, stains and grease marks due to heavy foot and vehicular traffic. The cost-effective way to improve the aesthetic appearance of the flooring is to polish it over installing new flooring.

Irrespective of flooring material used, you can restore back the sheen by polishing the flooring using some basic equipment hiring Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

Below are a few floors that are polished to regain their sheen and glossiness

  • Wood: It is highly recommended by expert Floor Polishing in Melbourne to polish the wooden flooring for every couple of months. Also, the frequency of flooring depends on the foot traffic in your home. You need to choose the polishing product that is perfect for your wood floor and then spray it on the flooring to attain smooth finishing. You need to use a mop to spread the polishing evenly over the floor and let it dry for a few hours.
  • Marble and granite: The granite, marble and stone flooring should be polished using silicon carbide pads. Otherwise, people can also use stone grinder to carry out the polishing process and attain better results. First, you need to grit the flooring with 24 to 60 pads and then you need to add on 120 and then 1000 depend on the shine you would like to achieve. You need to keep running the stone grinder to attain high glossy shine.
  • Concrete: To polish the concrete flooring, people use grinder to attain the required shine. The grinder has to be equipped with 30 to 40 grit diamond pads. You need to run this grinder over the entire concrete flooring and then progress to 80 grit pads, then to 200 grit pads and eventually to 800 grit pads to gain attractive and shiny flooring besides covering up the flaws on the floor. If you want to attain a mirror like finishing, you can use 3000 grit pads using the grinder.
  • Ceramic tiles: To remove the dust, grime, and stubborn stains on the flooring, you need to get it polished. To polish ceramic tiles, you would need to use a pound of ceramic tile polishing compounds for every 150 square feet of your flooring space. You need to apply the polishing to the entire flooring using a mop and spread it with a buffer.


All the flooring in the home gets worn out over time due to heavy foot traffic and fall of food spills and dust. So, to retain the sheen, you would need to hire Floor Polishing in Melbourne services. These people come with the right equipment to polish the flooring and revive back the lost sheen to your flooring besides elevating the look of your home interior.

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