Different Modes of Cargo Transport in India

Air Cargo Transportation Services India

Liberalization, globalization and privatisation have wiped out the boundaries and barriers worldwide, and the entire globe has become a small village. Now, the global economy is following a purely open-door policy, that means everyone has freedom to trade in any corner of the globe with no restriction at all.

With this, aggressively arises the need of transportation resources for a consignment to deliver from one place to another. And to meet this requirement, air cargo transportation services India came into existence. India, being one of the fastest developing nations in the Asian region is also keeping pace with the global trends and following the same open-door economic policy. Thus, in the past one decade, there has been an exponential growth in demand for professional air cargo solutions in the country.

These professional cargo services in India include a comprehensive range of modes depending upon the nature of transportation. For instance:

AIR Freight Services

These are nothing else but some extra add-ons to the existing cargo solutions. The main difference lies in the source of transportation and the consignment to be transported. This mode of cargo transport in India has changed the entire face of the way international business activities were done. Transportation by air in the contemporary times is not only easily accessible, but also can be had even by the small and mid-size business owners within budgets.

Sea Freight Services

Just like air freight solutions, sea freight services include the transportation and delivery of goods by way of ships, otherwise called waterways. Till the year 2000, around 74% of the total international business from India used to be conducted only through waterways as it was a cheap way for delivering goods across the globe. It used to take time of even months to deliver the consignment, but was well accepted in the light of the charges.

Logistic Services

These solutions include the movement of cargo from one place to another by road. It is also called road-lines, and still considered to the cheapest mode of transport in India. It includes inventory management, warehousing and even freight consultations.

The End Note

Needless to say, after globalization and the liberalization of Indian economy, different new business verticals have come to the fore, and these are flourishing by leaps and bounds too. But, frankly speaking, the progress that professional air freight solutions have made is simply beyond expectations. The market is already flooded with the companies providing these cargo solutions in India, and now with the government’s approval for the FDI, some new global players are also expected to join the play.

The result of all this will not only cheapen the fare in this sector, but also make this industry vertical more competitive and quality-oriented in terms of servicing excellence. And definitely, it is the end user who will be benefited like never-before.

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