Different Types Of Intercom System – One Should Know

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The use of Intercom systems has become very common today. Extensively used in homes, offices, residential buildings; an intercom system is used to communicate with other persons outside or inside the building. With a wide range of intercom systems available in the market, it is quite difficult to make the right choice. Confused whether to install 2N intercom or CCTV at home? Before purchasing an intercom in Dubai, learn about various types of intercom systems and their functions. Choose that one which best suits your needs.

2n intercom

Carrier-Current Intercom

A carrier-current intercom system takes power from an AC source to produce AM frequency signals. It is the primitive type of intercom system that merges into the internal electrical wiring of a building while allowing the intercom unit to work together with the electricity system. Due to hardwired intercom unit, the quality of the video is not that much clear. However, it offers a mode of communication within a building.

Hardwired Intercom

Hardwired intercom units are sometimes also referred to as wired intercoms. These are usually installed during the construction of a building, as they lie behind the walls, and nothing remains visible from the outside. Moreover, a hardwired intercom system charges more than other systems. The biggest advantage of this system is that it withstands intervention. Additionally, the audio quality is also improved. Hardwired intercom is usually popular in condominiums, where it is installed during the construction.

Wireless Intercom

The main benefit of wireless intercom is its reasonable price. It is the cheapest among all the three options. Furthermore, it is the simplest to install. A wireless intercom unit makes use of radio frequencies to transmit intercom signals. The majority of indoor or outdoor wireless intercoms have a portable receiver that allows the user conveniently use it from various locations. It comes as a great relief while you are in the backyard and at the same time a visitor arrives at the door. Interference may create a problem, subject to the distance and brand of the system. One of the most popular products in this category is 2N IP door intercom which comes with a wide range of additional functions.

Automatic Gate Entry Intercom

The automatic gate entry intercom system allows a user to lock, open or close the entry of a building with just a push of a button. This type of intercom usually displays video of the visitor before the person sitting inside the building. Some of the automatic gate entry intercom units only permit people to communicate through the device.

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Conclusion – All the intercom systems have their pros and cons. Make the right choice as per your needs and budget and buy the best intercom in Dubai.

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