Divine Doctrine and Divorce by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

divorce and pastor chris

Divorce is one of those topics that has for a very long time been an issue for Christians concerning what is right and wrong and what should and should not be done concerning the controversially taboo subject.

There are many people who believe that divorce should be allowed in cases where things are bad in the home and both parties involved believe it would be better if they split. Other people believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment that should be seen through to the end, or rather, until death comes. This belief is that all problems can be solved if a couple communicates their issues so that they are able to come to a mutual understanding.

The views expressed in the latter opinion are also voiced in support by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who went through with a divorce from his wife Anita in early February 2016. As reported by the PM news, Pastor Chris as the General Overseer of Believers Love World, otherwise known as the Christ Embassy, shows his belief that divorce isn’t a practice that Christians should attempt.

He expressed his concern that even though Christians should not take divorce as a something that should be done, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done at all; especially in cases where that just may be the only option left for a couple. And when it must be done, that doesn’t make it right in the end. Even in those instances he says that it should not reach the extent where the two of them take each other to court over the matter.

Pastor Chris spoke about his divorce and placed most of the blame for the end of the relationship on his ex-wife Anita. Concerning the female reverend, he asked people to pray for her and explained that even though one may be married to a pastor or other man of God it does not grant them immediate maturity and that they are still liable to make mistakes.

He also commented in light of negative stories spoken against him by a few media houses in Nigeria and South Africa that accuse him of certain charges revolving around his divorce with his ex-wife Reverend Anita, calling them “real stupid and frivolous charges” that he claims are completely false and never even occurred.

There are now discussions concerning whether or not the divorcee Pastor Chris should have opened up about the personal details of the end of his marriage especially since he ultimately placed most of the blame on Reverend Anita for their decided split of February 8, 2016.

Since the divorce, Anita Odegwa Oyakhilome has stated that she is no longer involved in any way with the activities or has anything to do with Pastor Chris’ congregation of the Christ Embassy as declared by her lawyers on her behalf.

Reverend Anita has claimed that she filed for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior and adultery on Pastor Chris’s part which were then published by the different media houses as afore mentioned. According to Pastor Chris, these allegations are only useless lies and would have already been exposed if they were true since there is nothing hidden under the sun as declared by an old saying.


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