Don’t Change Your Product, Change Your Hair Brush


If your hair has become dull, frizzy, or generally poor-looking, you might have invested in many different hair products to try to get it looking better. However, the  solution might not actually be your products, but your hair brush itself. Replacing it with an ionic brush could save you hundreds in hair care products you don’t need.

Why Switch Your Hair Brush?

Hair brushes brought from a store are fine for general purposes, but they can easily damage hair as well. Even the expensive products you have been using to restore your hair might have been doing more harm than good, or are simply a waste of your money. Some new hair brushes have attempted to solve these problems but failed to do so, such as brushes with oils in the bristles that only leave hair feeling heavy and greasy. It might be better to switch to an ionic hair brush, sold by retailers like, which is designed to reduce static in your hair that causes breakages and friziness.

How Does it Work?

Hot Air Brush Review describes the process as using heat to emit ions back into your hair which were removed through regular brushing or drying.


This benefits your hair in the following ways:

Shiny and smooth
Less prone to frizz
Seals split ends
Less need to visit a stylist
Reduced drying time
Less heat damage
Other benefits of ionic brushes are:
Easy home use
Plug in through bathroom shaver socket
Easy to clean
Different brushes for different hair thickness
Different sizes to create different styles
Quick to use – No need to get up early to take care of your hair

How to Choose Your Brush

There are different types of brushes in the market and the one you choose will depend upon your hair type, length, thickness, level of damage, and the style you want. Just as with any brush or hair care product, using the wrong type for your hair won’t deliver any noticeable results. Check with the retailer or manufacturer or ask your stylist which one will be best for your hair.

Proper Care

Combining an improved brush with proper care will ensure it will last longer and always deliver results. Clean My Space says that any kind of hair brush can trap hair oil, and grease that will be transferred back onto your hair if not cleaned properly. They recommend thoroughly cleaning your brush and removing all hair from it at least once a week. Since an ionic hair brush uses electrical components, you will have to be careful when cleaning it with water or using industrial solvents. Check the manufacturing instructions that come with the brush and follow them carefully.

Instead of wasting your money on different hair products that won’t restore your hair, invest in an ionic brush instead to fix your hair issues at the source. If you regularly clean your brush and keep it free from loose hair and grease, your hair will look healthier and feel stronger.

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