How to drive-through an automatic car wash facility?

Automatic car wash facilities are more popular because they’re hassle-free and time saving. In winter, they save you from the torment of car cleaning in sub-zero temperatures. Automatic car wash system is even safer for exterior finishing of the vehicle as compared to DIY cleaning hacks that may dull the glossy surface or worse, leave scratches.

car wash Dubai

Dubai car wash boasts state-of-the-art system promising a sleek and shiny vehicle. For all those who prefer washing the car themselves every weekend, there’re chances of flaws such as leaving scratches as you remove dirt, watering the vehicle in direct sunlight that may scorch the paint finish.

A neat and shiny vehicle means higher resale value as compared to dull and dingy that would go for 20-30 percent less profit. How often should you wash the car depends on how quickly it get dirty, driving habits and even climate. Here’s what you should do when driving through automatic car wash facilities;

  • Unlike Dubai car wash, many older facilities still use abrasive brushes instead of the cloth that results in smaller scratches on the finish.
  • On old vehicles with supposed “single stage” paint jobs, lighter scratches can be easily buffed.
  • All modern cars use a “base/clear” system with a translucent and thin layer of clear coat over the basic colour coating for premium shine.
  • If thin clear coat wears off or damaged, the only way to restore is repainting the area.
  • Touch-free car wash facilities are safer that cleans through high-pressure water jet and detergent without any physical touch.
  • In some areas, you’ll find “self-service” coin-operated washing facilities like a vending machine and excellent against heavier dirt build-up. You may need bringing your own bucket, dry towel and other essential accessories.

The after-wash wipe

In most drive-through car wash Dubai facilities, a strong jet of hot water is used to remove dust and dirt settlement without actually ruining the vehicle’s finish. Your car would come out fresh, neat and tidy just like new.On busy days or rush hour, there’s a chance many car wash facilities clean using dirty accessories and wipes. This is common in old or neglected facilities so it’s better to avoid stopping by.

Hold the extras

Detailedcar wash that covers both exterior as well as interior may cost twice but truly worth it; your money won’t go to waste. Effective rustproofing or sealant is usually applied to brand-new metal as a protectant against external corrosives such as road salt. Most of the newer vehicles are extensively rustproofed during manufacture so going for this service at a car wash facility is simply waste of time, effort and of course, money.

At Dubai car wash, professionals provide undercarriage bath that’s worth additional cost and excellent against accumulate crud. Meanwhile, drainage holes located underneath a car’s body must remain clean crucial for various functions so this particular service is worth paying for.


The above information explains how most of the automatic car wash facilities work in comparison with the traditional methods.

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