Are E-Cigarettes Useful to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy?

Smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to leave. For women who have a strong habit of smoking, it gets really difficult for them to quit, especially during the time of pregnancy. We all know smoking is bad for health and even though after knowing the ill effects people still continue the habit. It gets all the more worse during the pregnancy period because it can severely harm baby’s health. But women who are badly tied to this addiction find it really hard to quit and hence, look for other methods to satisfy their needs of nicotine.

E-Cigarette during Pregnancy

Government and NGO’s of many countries are working hard to spread awareness about the side effects of smoking and how it can damage your health. Hence, they are coming up with ideas like nicotine patches or gums that help people to reduce the urge of smoking day by day and finally quit smoking. Companies have grabbed this opportunity and manufacturing E-cigarettes to help people quit smoking. Women who are expecting are finding e-cigarettes an easy way of quitting smoking during pregnancy period. However, the next big question is whether or not, E-Cigarette during Pregnancy is safe?

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are an electronic battery operated device that is filled with chemical and certain amount of nicotine. While smoking, the chemicals and nicotine turns in vapour which is later inhaled. That is the reason it is called vaping.

Is vaping safe during pregnancy?

It does not matter whether you are smoking a normal cigarette or an e-cigarette; both of them are equally harmful during pregnancy. Since e-cigarettes are not regulated, therefore, it is completely unknown till now the kinds and the amounts of chemical used in them. In fact, there are no studies that has showcased their safety and they are even unapproved from FDA.

Another reason for not taking e-cigarettes is that the nicotine is a toxic substance that can harm baby’s brain development. It can easily affect mothers as well as fetal lung development and can increase the risk of sudden death.

People who do not smoke have other forms of tobacco like chewing tobacco, sniffing, snus (a moist form of snuff) has proved to be dangerous when it comes to pregnancy. Consuming other forms of tobacco has resulted in preterm delivery, stillbirth, defects in babies etc. Therefore, consuming any form of tobacco during the pregnancy term is very harmful and hence, should be avoided completely.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy?

If you have been a chain smoker till now, it can be very challenging to quit the urge of smoking, even while you are pregnant. You can take counselling sessions to quite the habit and if even this is not helping, then try the nicotine replacement substitutions like patches, spray, gum etc.

There are medicines also available that can help you. But, you should not consume any other medicine during pregnancy without consulting a doctor. Even before using a nicotine replacement, you should always consult your doctor to know the side effects.

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