eBike Conversion Kit: Why and How to Convert Cycles into Electric Bikes?

electric bike conversion kit

Do you have a bicycle and you want to convert it into an e-bike? Don’t worry you can do this.

These days, many websites offer a wide range of kits online. While purchasing the kit, it is important to make sure that the controller and the battery can be fixed to suit your old bike. So, you should find the right kit for you.

Let’s go through this article and discuss why you should convert your cycle into an e-bike and how you can buy the right electric bike conversion kit.

Why Convert Old Bikes into eBikes

Eco-friendly – There are many reasons why you should go for ebikes. The most important fact is that they are eco-friendly as they don’t cause pollution yet run fast.

No parking issue – Parking is one of the worst problems. But ebikes reduce this problem. With the help of conversion kit, you can easily convert your ordinary cycle into an electric bike anytime anywhere.

Faster speed – By using the electric bike conversion kit, you can enjoy the freedom of going wherever you want. The exciting thing is that the kit can give you the free of riding at a faster speed and you will reach your destination earlier.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Flexibility – Since you are going to buy an ebike conversion kit, you should know that battery is often mounted over the rear wheel on a rack. Likewise, the controller is mounted on the underside of the rack. The rack is not flexible. So, you need to ensure that mounting can be done in this way.

Old Bike Features – The conversion kit can only fit well, and you can use it to the best of its features only when it matches the features of your old bike. For example, suppose your bike has an aluminum fork, and you have brought out a front wheel drive kit, which is equipped with a powerful motor of 300watts. In that case, the kit will remain useless. The motor will be too powerful for the aluminum fork.

So make sure your bike has a steel fork if you want to buy such a kit.

To sum up, an e-bike is the best solution to cover a short distance. So, find the right ebike conversion kit and convert your cycle into an electric bike.

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