The Most Eco-Friendly Structures All Home Buyers Surely Want

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says you are not the only advocate of homes that are eco-friendly. Their research study verified that most home buyers are in fact, actively searching for green features in their future homes which, will decrease the house’s carbon footprint and help in saving the planet – and of course, a few bucks. Here are some environmental features that are currently mostly demanded by new home buyers which, you can add to your house that is for sale.

Green cooling and heating;

84% of house hunting respondents in the study admitted to desiring green cooling and heating. Online research enables modern prospects to arrive open houses with facts and figures. They know cooling and heating consume about 50% of domestic energy. So they arrive interested in saving the planet and also money on utilities.

Lighting and appliances;

You can implement advantage property styling when you know that 67% of the prospects desire energy efficient lighting and appliances. Modern prospects also know that domestic electrical appliances are main energy hogs that mean 13% of a home’s utility bill every month. So, if you are considering bringing in any appliances, then you should consider only energy efficient models.

Energy conserving landscaping;

47% of prospects want landscaping that enhances energy conservation. The prospects have done their homework and they know that the right landscaping is beyond just part of your property’s ‘pretty face’. Carefully selected plantings can conserve energy and save a minimum of 10% to 30% on heating during the winter season and 50% on cooling during the summer season.

If you are a ‘greenie’ – a supporter of eco-friendly houses – then you are not alone. The information gathered by the association and brands that offer house styling for sale services, enables you win the modern home buying prospects over. Choose one today.

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