Effective Steps towards Dental Marketing In London

Whether you are a marketer or dentist by profession, you most probably know the importance of building your dentistry brand in your city/geographic areas you serve. As the competition is high, it is not only about being online, but also being competitive enough for a good establishment of dental practice in your area.

London marketers often question how to market practices in a right way, to be seen across the people in their area.  Quality business system providing real time information, excellent treatment and outstanding marketing are three essential things. Nobody would tell you this, but you have to know it before you showcase your practice with fullest potential. Hence, I am discussing this 6 easy steps to success-

  • Make it unique:Determine what your practice is and what make you different from your competitors. Establish your Unique Selling Points (USP) and use them to market your services. Consider giving ‘unmatched customer service’ togive personalised attention from the moment patients leave your desk. Include use of outstanding technology (SEO) that provides access to your services through Internet, smart phones. Make your website responsive enough that can address patients’ concerns and respond to them in timely manner.
  • Targeted patients:Before catering services, target your market first and develop profile of your existing patient base accordingly. Next to that, classify them by age, geography, gender and know procedures commonly performed for dental marketing London.
  • Give a good user experience:Sometimes both marketer and dentist forget that patients need constant assurance of commitment. Invest in a treatment coordinator, who could be a great link between patients and doctors. The practice website should be the first point of contact that needs to be fresh and interactive. Make sure your website visitors can navigate throughout the website easily to access the information. Hence, give a proper navigation, optimise content as much as possible to load website faster.
  • Take patients’ feedback:What patients say to you is infinitely more valuable than what you say about yourself. Invite your patients to give feedback early on rather than at the end of appointment. Facebook, Twitter etc. are some catchy tools that drive mass traffic to your website, give users the chance to give feedback and raise their interest.
  • Encourage referrals:Use customer referral program to refer their friends to use incentive program. For example, incentive program such as Referral Candy is an opt-in program that creates unique permalink to track a referral all way to the point of sale. In this way, both the person who made referral and the new customer get rewarded.

You can send new patients some information packed with testimonials, before and after photos, brochures on enquired thing. Be open and honest to your patients and build a bridge of confidence by avoiding potential misunderstandings. Ensure a smooth hand-off between teams during the treatment and hire dental marketing company to reach most customers across various demographics. SEO could be give your marketing practice another edge to generate leads and revenue in the long run.


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