Most Effective Ways of Resolving Common Courier Pack Problems

You might have experienced a delay on the delivery of a package before and have often wondered what you could have done to avoid or resolve the issue. There are many reasons why deliveries are delayed. Sometimes, it has to do with a human error—either committed by the courier company or by you. In rare occasions, the problems are beyond human control.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the common courier pack problems you may encounter when you’re having a package delivered to a certain address. Take a look at the steps you can take to effectively resolve a delivery issue.

Courier Pack

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Learning why your Package is Delayed

When your courier pack is delayed, the first thing you have to do is check the status of your delivery through the shipping company’s tracking system. If you find unusual entries in the status of your delivery, you have to report the issue to the courier company right away. Along the process, you will also be able to discover why the arrival of your parcel has been delayed.

Learn How Tracking Numbers Work

Typically, when you’re having parcel delivered from another country, more than one courier or postal service handles your package. Delivery companies from different countries partner with each other so that they can offer their services everywhere. What this means is that your courier pack might end up with a shipping company apart from the one you initially booked.

Through a courier company’s internal communication, they assign a tracking number to every package they deal with. So, always make sure that you get that number once you’ve booked a delivery with a courier company.

If the package will end up with a different delivery company in another country, make sure you get the updated tracking number. Keep in mind that the partner courier company won’t be able to locate your parcel in their system if you’re not able to provide the exact tracking number that they need. If you’re not able to track the new number, specify the delivery company you booked with and provide the delivery or pick-up address.

Common Reasons Why Deliveries are Delayed

Incomplete or Erroneous Address

If the courier cannot find the address indicated on the parcel, the company won’t attempt to make a new delivery unless you provide the details accurately. The courier usually returns the package to the sender and leaves a note saying that they tried to deliver it.

These days, most delivery companies send confirmation e-mails where they list all the details of the order, including the shipping address. Make sure you always check this e-mail and see if all the details are correct. It would also help if you send the courier company details about nearest landmarks and identifying features of the home or building.

Order Form that’s Incorrectly Filled Out

People tend to make mistakes when they’re doing things in a hurry. Sometimes, they neglect to read the details carefully and jumble the postal code and the street or house numbers. At times, people leave a field blank. These may seem like simple errors, but they can cause delays in the delivery.

Read the fields carefully and make sure you fill them out correctly. There are courier companies that push the order through even when there’s a field left blank. However, there are other delivery companies that might have difficulties processing your request with this error present.

Change in Delivery Address

If you change the shipping address after the service has been confirmed, the package will be redirected, delaying the delivery. Even when the new address is close to what you initially submitted, the courier company would still have to make changes in their system and reprocess your request. This also means that the delivery date will be changed.

Multiple Delivery Attempt Failures

Courier drivers are required to collect and deliver multiple parcels daily. In a day, they won’t have the time to go back to an address they have already tried to deliver the package. Of course, they also do not have the freedom to wait for the recipient or shipper for too long. Doing so will only delay other deliveries and affect their delivery schedule.

Most of the time, courier companies attempt to deliver packages twice or three times. However, the attempts are done on different days. When no one is present to receive the parcel, the courier driver will come back on the next business day. After these failed attempts, the package will be stored in the courier’s warehouse where the customer can directly pick it up.

Undeliverable Items

When a package is delivered to the first depot, it is scanned and checked. If the personnel deems that there are restricted items (for instance, lithium batteries) inside the package, they will mark it as undeliverable.

To avoid this scenario, it is best that you contact the courier company in advance and check if the item you’re planning to ship is restricted. In this case, you’d avoid wasting time and money and only ship items that are permitted.

Recipient Refused the Delivery

There are people who refuse deliveries when they are not aware that they are supposed to receive one. So, make sure that you inform the recipient about your delivery and tell them when they can expect the package.

Technical Issues that are Only Temporary

In rare cases, there are technical glitches that may affect the delivery of parcels. However, most courier companies typically are able to manage situations like this. Most of the time, the issue is only temporary and the company fixes it promptly.

In this scenario, it is best to be patient and ask the courier company for updates. They would give you an estimated time of when they can have the issue resolved so you can make proper arrangements. If you’re lucky, the courier company might give you a free or discounted delivery service!

Unfriendly Forces of Nature

Sometimes, there are problems that are beyond human control. Unwanted situations like flooding, earthquakes, heavy snowfall or blocked roads can delay the delivery. In this case, you just have to be patient and contact the courier company to get updates.

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