Effective Wilderness Survival Tips to Escape the Extreme Cold


The cold weather could be really challenging in terms of survival in the wilderness. Whenever you are venturing out in the cold, you are exposing yourself to the adverse elements. If you have the adequate knowledge of your environment, the right equipment, and proper plans, you could beat the cold weather elements. If you are lacking in any one of the above-mentioned factors, it becomes increasingly challenging to withstand the elements.

If you are out in the wilderness during the winter days, be sure to encounter blizzard conditions even during clear and sunny days. You must learn to adapt yourself to such adverse weather conditions. Frosty days could be a much greater adversary than you may think.

Extreme cold could be compromising your capacity to think clearly and weakening your willingness and determination to do anything apart from keeping yourself warm and cozy. Extreme cold conditions could be effectively numbing your senses and take away your willpower to survive despite odds.

You must, however, not worry about extreme cold conditions while booking your room at one of the Tadoba National Park resorts. However, for a wildlife traveler, it is a good idea to know the tricks of the trade and be aware of the survival tips against extreme cold weather conditions.

Constructing a Snow Shelter Is a Good Idea

A snow shelter could be an appropriate protection against strong winds or blizzards and snowdrifts that one encounters while in the wilderness during the cold winter months. Your snow shelter must be of aroundeight-inch thickness.

Staying Active Pays

You need to focus on staying active so that your heart rate is constantly up and you could effectively maintain a smooth flow of fresh warm blood directly to your extremities. Make sure that you are not overdoing it because if you start sweating due to overexertion, it would take the heat away from your body. You must keep working at a favorable moderate speed for all your wilderness activities whether building a shelter or hiking. You may start removing your clothes layer by layer to maintain temperature. Moreover, you need to stop or slow down from time to time to avoid burning out.

Dressing up in Layers Helps

This is the most effective way of regulating your body temperature when you are out in the open during the frosty days. Multiple layers of clothing seem to work better than one thick layer because they are more efficient in trapping air between the layers. The trapped air would be warming up and act as an effective insulator against the extreme cold.  You must wear at least three to five such layers of clothing whether you are a child or an adult. The outermost layer must be both wind and waterproof for minimizing heat exchange and keeping water out.

Have the Proper Rations for Fueling You with Extra Energy

You would need a lot of extra calories to survive in the wilderness during extreme cold conditions as you would necessarily be burning a tremendous amount of energy while performing the various activities for keeping yourself adequately warm. You must carry foods that are high in calories and also some relatively low weight food items. You may pack granola bars, nuts, power bars, energy gels etc. You must carry Gatorade powder that could be mixed with some melted snow to keep yourself adequately hydrated at all times.


You must keep looking for initial signs of frostbite. If you notice that your ears, nose, cheeks, toes, and fingers look reddened and feel tingly and numb this are the signs that ice crystals are beginning to form within your skin or even affecting the deeper tissue. You must warm up some water to about 100℉ to 105℉ and simply keep the affected areas well-immersed in the warm water. Do not think about rubbing or massaging the skin as that could prove to be damaging to your skin. If you master the above-mentioned cold weather wilderness survival tricks, you could enjoy your wildlife vacation throughout the year without any worries or hassles.

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