Elements to Perceive Ahead, Send off Apps on App Store

The demand for mobile applications is on the rise, the tech gigs have started to build countless of them. There are many platforms available for them to develop the best apps ever. It is not about the way the people are using the apps, keeping them engaged in the app matters the most. With the existence of millions of apps, we need to know the nuances of presenting the right app to the public.When a techie decides to develop an app, they think about all the possibilities to make it a big success. They consider all the factors, which make it famous with the people, what do people, expect when we are presenting a new app to them? Will they recommend the app to others? Will it get great reviews like the ones, which already exist?

It may sound an easy task to put up an app on the App store and getting the people download it and use it. But, they are a few things, which we need to consider before launching it. It should be a successful one, only then the users would think of trying the app. We should make sure that, it is worth for them to download the app on their smartphones, use it and the last thing on their mind should be is removing it.

Here are a few elements that we need to perceive; before we decide to launch the app we have designed for the App store.


An app will need to be endorsed; only then people will be intrigued to know about it. A business plan is essential; as we cannot just be laid back and let the things happen. When we are deciding to launch our mobile app, it is imperative that we have a site for the app, as a minimal requirement. It should have all the details regarding the application, which we have designed.

We should not stop with just a website, it is better that we are reaching the masses with the help of the social networking websites as well. They’re a few, who go on a small scale, get the feedback from the users and later on make improvisations on it. We need to make sure that; the site always has the latest updates in regards to the app development and what are the new, innovative, and creative things the users can get from it.

Fixing the glitch

Once we have launched the app in the App store, we think that everything is good. Unfortunately it so happens that the app may get a few bugs in it. This will make the app not work properly and people will end up getting the app out of their phones. It is better that we have a backup plan for this and make sure we work on it. We need to have the techie who is well aware of the complete code, design and can fix the bug in no time.

Picking the Right Audience

A mobile app should serve a particular purpose; only then it is a great success. It can be of any kind, a productive one, entertainment, games, social media or anything, which will help the people. The executives of an organization are good at targeting the public. They know where to sell the products and who will be the people who will use it.

The tech gigs are the one who will be aware of the fact, with the users who uses the apps all the time. Asking them for suggestions would be great to make the app a great success amongst the crowds. They are good at pointing out the aspects for us to take the app to a different level. We need to design the dock of our website in such a way that, when the app is ready for the launch, people will start using it.

Beta testing phase

This is the best way for any developer to get the maximum feedbacks from them to improvise the app. There are different ways in which we can do beta testing, we can make a launch which for the public. Otherwise, we can send a personal invites to the people who would like to try the beta version of the app. Before launching the beta version, we need to think over the possibilities of getting a good feedback.

Check Pioneer of the App Launch

Once we launch our app on the App store and the users would start to download if they are intrigued. But, it is no big deal to have millions of downloads of our app on the store. What matters the most is that, does it stay in their phones? We need to keep an eye on the initial stages of the launch and make sure that people are happy with the app.

We do not develop the apps only for a particular scaffold, but multiple platforms. Then, we need to focus on drawing the attention of the people across all the device users. There are apps, which will show us the details of the number of people who are accessing our apps frequently and stay on the app for a long period of time.


The sources which we are using before launching the app, they should be able to make the public actually use the app. Tracking down the number of downloads will not be enough. We need to think further and take the steps to make sure that the number on the charts stays. There are many things we need to think when an app is launched. So, keeping that all in our minds, we need to launch the app in the App store.

Think Innovative & Creative

We always want something, which is new, innovative and creative; it should actually blow our minds. That is what we expect most of the time, isn’t? So, when we are designing and developing an application, we need to know the nuances of getting the public attracted towards the app. There are a few hundreds of apps, which serve the same purpose, so the app should not be of the same kind. We need to create an app, which is different, unique and makes the people to use it differently.


Waiting for an app to load may make the user lose their patience and leave the app. Never, ever get the users to wait for the app to load, make sure that it is not buffering for long. If, an app is not loading at the usual speed and it is taking too long for it to load. They would end up removing the app from their smartphones. Try to keep the users engaged with something, which will not make them leave the app.

Mark Up Wisely

The apps, which are available on the App store, have the free version as well the paid version. It is obvious that the paid version has the added features, which we do not get in the free version. So, while we fix a price for our app we need to be clear about putting the right worth for the app. Keeping in mind the added features of the app, we need to put the right price for it.

Towards the end, we can say that the world is taken over by the smartphones. There are millions of apps available for us to use in the App store, be it just a gaming app or an essential app. Developing an app is not a piece of cake, there are lots of efforts made towards it. Hence, when we are planning to design, develop and launch an app. We need to take the utmost care and present the best ever app possible to the people.

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