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Distribution Business software

There is a general perception that managing inventory has to do with tracking raw materials and sales alone. This notion of inventory management is vague and doesn’t encompass everything involved in managing your inventory. Inventory management involves taking complete care and control of all costs incurred by your business. Your business faces serious potential risks if you aren’t able to capture and track all your expenses.

Monitoring your business expenses is usually more complex than originally anticipated. Tracking and monitoring key metrics and statistic could be daunting and has the potential of taking your eyes off other key components that require attention when running a business. EMERGE App was created to solve the problem of monitoring all aspect of your business from a single location. I am certain some of you are wondering if this is possible, as a matter of fact, it is.

EMERGE App aims to provide business owners with more information about their business with special emphasis on purchasing and sales. This allows business owners keep track of their expenditures which in turn would enable them cut down costs as they would be fully aware of the areas in the business that incur the highest costs and necessary actions would be taken to minimize such costs.

EMERGE App is an internet web-based application which provides users with all the advantages of web-based application, one that readily comes to mind is ease of access. This allows you to be able to keep tab of your business on the go. The EMERGE App comes fully loaded with several exciting features. One that readily comes to mind is its access control feature that allows you to create account for different employees based on the department they are working in, be it sales, accounts or operations. This grants employees access to information that are pertinent to their job functions.

Getting Started

Registering for EMERGE App is a walk in the park. All that is required from first time users are your email, business company name, and an invite to create a sub-domain for the business they intend to register. First time users will also be required to provide other relevant information like company’s area of specialization or industry, and the currency used by the business. The GUI for the EMERGE App is properly designed and structured to give users a memorable user experience.

Upon successful registration, users are shown the app dashboard where they are invited to provide a detailed company profile, populate its list of suppliers and products, and also to create purchase and sales orders. The dashboard shows a number of important statistics that would come in very handy to the user. Information metrics like product inventory, sales revenue, and purchase orders are displayed conspicuously.

The dashboard area also contains information on suppliers and customers. Users are also provided with the ability to import their own information into the app as deemed necessary. The product section of the application allows users to see detailed information on raw materials and other product related information.

Running Business Operations

Running business operations is a lot easier using the operation tab of the EMERGE App, the app provides business owners with innovative ways to view and assimilate their information. In the sales section, users are able to view all sales orders and the price quoted for each other. While the fulfilment section provides you with all your shipping information either international or local. You also have the capability to view information on returns or exchanges.

Managing your Product Inventory

EMERGE App allows you to monitor your product inventory including changes made to the inventory, stock takes and product transfers. With the Multi-Channel IMS functionality, you can be able to manage your product inventory across various sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Shopify to mention a few.

EMERGE App goes beyond managing product inventory it also allows users/employees share files, save files and interact with one another.


Managing your Accounts/Finance

EMERGE App seeks to simplify your business processes by making work flow a lot easier across multiple departments within your company. As a result of this goal, the application has integrated an accounting system that makes it easy for you to manage your finances. The

EMERGE App works seamlessly with QuickBooks and Zero which are two of the most popular accounting software packages currently in use. Full integration with these packages allows for importation of sales information and data into your app.

In addition to providing support for finance and accounting, EMERGE App also comes in handy for businesses that operate in more than one currency. The world is gradually becoming a global village and the natures of most businesses mean that they have to operate in multi-currencies. If you operate such a business you have nothing really to worry about as EMERGE App is able to operate in virtually all legally approved currencies in the world. Adding a currency to the app is a simple and straight forward process.

Everything is stored in the Cloud

Most businesses today require capabilities to access data on the go and at any time of the day. Data storage has transitioned from paper based to electronic and now cloud-based. With EMERGE App you have nothing to worry about as the app functions in the cloud, meaning it is a cloud based software that provides you access to your data at any time from any location. This allows business owners keep track of their businesses on the go and respond to changes or trends as they arise.

In summary, the EMERGE App is an important and necessary inventory management system that would revolutionize the way you monitor your orders and sales. The application has been carefully designed to work perfectly for small businesses and also scale significantly for large ones without reducing its ability to function optimally. EMERGE App was built with the business owner in mind; the focus was on developing a Business Software to keep your distribution business running smoothly.

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