Employee Engagement: 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Care

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the many new management buzzwords today. As management styles continue to evolve, organizations now seek to understand what motivates employees of an organization to work to the best of their abilities. Employees that are “engaged” have an emotional commitment to an organization’s success. As a result, their productivity shoots up and can ultimately result in customers that are extremely satisfied.

As a consequence of this approach, there are many companies that are focused on developing employee engagement solutions for organizations. Power2Motivate is one such company that has successfully developed a number of employee engagement solutions.



The following are five reasons why an employee engagement program makes a difference in the long run.

#1. Employees Who Are Connected To The Organization

The idea of a connected employee is best described in this article on the Forbes website. Employees value being connected to an organization in terms of the relationships they have with their co-workers and the feeling that they are part of a larger whole. When employees feel a sense of belonging to the company, there is honest and constructive dialogue accompanied by highly productive input. The fact that employees are able to thrive in such an environment is a direct consequence of the relationships and connectivity that the workplace engenders. As a result employees spend time with each other outside the office, which only strengthens their connection to the organization.

#2. Happier Customers, Improved Bottom Line

Gallup conducted an assessment of more than 1 million employees in which ten metrics ranging from customer ratings to worker productivity were used. In a comparison between engaged and disengaged employees, it was seen that engaged employees outperformed their disengaged counterparts. The research showed that an organization that was able to foster an environment in which employees were engaged, had workers who were more productive, customers that were happier and a better bottom line.

#3. Higher Employee Retention

It stands to reason that the likelihood of engaged employees leaving a company would be far less. TalentKeepers is a well recognized human resource company that conducted a research in 2013 to investigate this. The research revealed that the turnover for engaged employees was far less as compared to those of disengaged employees. Employee retention was also a priority for the companies that participated in the research, considering the costs involved in finding replacements.

#4. Management That Is Stronger

A company that scores low on employee engagement is likely to have employees that have negative views about the management of the company. That in turn prevents them from understanding and embracing the vision and mission of the company. Employees perceive the senior management of the company in a negative light; they believe that the company does not care about their well-being. In contrast, organizations that score high on employee engagement have stronger and more integrated management teams. Consequently they can easily expand and grow.

#5. Attracting Better Human Resource

A natural consequence of high employee engagement is attracting better human resource. It is a well established fact that the employees of a company are its brand ambassadors. Hence these employees will recommend working at the organization to their network of contacts. These employees would also be in a position to evaluate people who they feel would fit into the organization and become a valuable asset. Employees of a higher caliber will naturally want to work with similar people.

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