Why Employment Law is Essential in Australia?

Employment Lawyers

The area of employment law covers the legal framework for all rights and obligations that are related to a contractually agreed employment relationship. These include the legally-compliant form of the employment contract, the statutory provisions for periods of notice or the payment of a severance payment, as well as all provisions relating to the guarantee of social benefits for a salaried employee. The legal area is interesting both for companies and employers as well as for each employee, who can learn about their own rights as well as the rights of the other side.

What is Employment Law?

In principle, Employment law has an effect on the design of employment contracts which can be concluded between two persons or one company and one person. In this case, employment law grants regulations such as probation periods and, in some sectors, also framework values for payment, as well as governing the right to terminate employment contracts and the possible payment of compensation. Social security services, such as the distribution of contributions to health insurance and pension insurance, are regulated by employment law as well as wage advancement in case of illness.

As a result of the increasing development of the mini-job and payroll sector, the task of Employment law in recent years has also become the legal basis for these particular forms of employment. Especially as regards the right to dismiss and the social benefits to be provided by the employer, the area of labor law is still in a political discussion so that changes in this legal sector are still to be found.

Conclusion of Employment Contracts

In Australia, a contract can be concluded with an employee in the form of a temporary or permanent contract of employment. For both contract forms, a probationary period of generally 3 months and max. 6 months. These include, among others, minimum wage, working time regulation, Leave claims, etc. as minimum protection requirements of the Australian Labor Code.

Some Important Factors to Consider

  • Within the Australian employment system, a distinction is made between full-time and part-time employees and casual workers. This may affect the protection of protection, Holiday and health claims.
  • The current legal working time in Australia is 38 working hours per week. This is, however, a rule working time, not a maximum working time. Up to two additional working hours per week are generally regarded as acceptable.
  • The statutory holiday entitlement in Australia is four weeks per year (one thirteenth of the working hours worked per year). Depending on the state, there are about 10 public holidays as well as additional holidays for family events or special leave entitlements.

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