Enhance Your Car Security with Quality Dash Cam

The escalating case of road accident and car theft in metros and cities is a matter of concern for police and car owners. The owners of vehicles need to be more responsible and install foolproof safety measures to protect their car from thefts or damage due to accidents. At times, another vehicle may hit your car while you are driving at the right speed in your proper lane but the other person may not be ready to accept his or her fault. This will put you in the backseat as you would neither be able to prove your innocence and other’s fault in the court and nor get the compensation.

Buying and installing a suitable Car Surveillance Camera System will enable you to get out of the rut. It will protect your car even when it is parked and will click pictures or record videos at the time of driving the car, thereby providing crystal-clear evidence in a case of any damage. You can install dashboard camera that will record both audio and video and the recordings will act as an insurance against theft and damage.

Finding a high-end car camera with a single channel (lens) or dual lens and installing it on your car’s windshield will facilitate you enhance your car security and gain maximum benefits from it. You can use the video recordings as a proof against the other party in case of an accident. Likewise, you can save yourself from insurance fraud and monitor the use and misuse of your car.

BlackVue car camera has gained immense popularity in Singapore and other parts of the world. Wow! Gadgets Pte. Ltd., being the exclusive distributor of BlackVue cameras provide high-quality car camera at a discounted price to its clients. People looking for the finest quality Car Surveillance Camera System can check out the features of different models of BlackVue products and purchase their choicest models of dashcams and other accessories.

Manufactured by Pittasoft based in the republic of Korea, BlackVue dashcams take the car dashboard camera technology to a new level. Equipped with advanced features like built-in impact and motion detection, G-sensors with customized sensitivity settings, lockable microSD card for protection against data tempering and other such features, the dashboard cameras prove their utilities and provide the maximum value for money.

So what are you waiting for? You can make it a point to install a premium car camera on the windshield of your car today and ensure foolproof security of your car or the vehicle. For more information and services, visit us online at www.wowgadgets.com.sg or call our expert on + (65) 6100 9691.

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