Enjoy the mouth Relishing food on the Streets of Delhi

Streets food in Delhi

Delhi is one of the popular cities in India and needless to say offers the most amazing places to explore and tongue relishing food to enjoy. However, it is equally true that most of the people especially tourists are not really aware of what things to actually explore in Delhi. The good part is there are many tour guides available and internet is a good source nowadays. But when it comes to local food, nothing can be good reviewers then you own. That is why, take a look at some of the popular must-have dishes of Delhi, which certainly you would fall in love to eat and would rather prefer to eat again and again.

Dahi Bhalla of Natraj:

Located close to Bhai Mati Das Chowk next to Chandni Chowk metro station, it is one of the popular places run by Mr. Inder Mohan. It is one of the oldest but popular restaurants that only have two items which are aloo tikki and dahi bhalla. Started in the year 1940, this restaurant has gained a lot of popularity due to only these two incredible dishes, which you would definitely love the moment you taste it.

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale in Sitaram Bazaar

For sweet lovers, you don’t have to really worry when Kulfi of Sitaram Bazaar is waiting for you. Along with some other famous food of Delhi, you must also try out some incredible sweets. Known for the creamy concoctions, the Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale located in Sitaram Bazaar have some incredible flavours in kulfi such as kewda, rose, aam papad and tamarind to name a few. Needless to say, it is cheap and located at convenient place, and of course, the best food that you can come across. The place has a lot of crowd most of the time, so make sure you go little early to avoid being in waiting. This is one of the oldest outlets that you can ever come across. Once you are here, don’t forget to taste the seasonal mango kulfi.

Other than this, you must also try out Daulat ki Chaat at Nai Sadak, Chaat, and Delhi parantha to name a few. Delhi is one such place where more than two cultures and races come together to offer a variety of culinary delights. For food lovers, from Chandni Chowk to Majnu ka Tilla, the entire place is bliss.

The best part about the local food of Delhi is it is cheap. No doubt those hygienic conditions are well maintained, but the blend of right spices, lots of love and amazing culinary skills is what makes the chefs of this city so popular. So, what are you waiting for? Explore some of the incredible Delhi street food that you can’t deny to have as this amazing food mentioned above is unique and may not get elsewhere. Local food of India is the must try out especially when you are on your trip with your loved ones. Don’t forget to add some tempting desserts like Jalbei in your to-eat list

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