Enjoying the Major Concept behind VPS Server Hosting India

vps server hosting India

It is always impossible for you to learn a business, if you do not have proper help, near your hand. Well, thanks to the reliable VPS hosting panel, now you cannot just make a website, but let it stand out in the crowd. If you start browsing through the internet, you will be mesmerized to see, so many different types of hosting packages. It is done like that to match flexible requirement of clients. However, it is always important for you to make the right decision, y choosing the firm, which you think to be the best in town. They have been working on various hosting packages, and work on yours, as well.

Uptime service and more


Before you finally proceed further in investing money for vps server hosting in India, it is always important for you to learn the basic features. If you are not aware of that, then you will not know what exactly you are using around here. For the prime one, you are likely to enjoy 99.9% of uptime service. Furthermore, you will also get to learn the importance of enterprise level storage facility, to act in favor of clients. The same package is said to offer you with fully managed form of VPS service.  You can even enjoy fully managed form of VPS support plan, to work in your favor.

Selecting the best plan

Before you proceed further and choose any one of the plan, it is vital for you to learn the importance of VPS hosting packages available over here. There are mainly four different packages for you to choose from, and those are V1, V3, V5 and V7. Among these four options, V3 is the ultimate and most suitable one of the lot. Want to know how? For that, you have to start working on the variations of the server hosting plans. Once you are through with the ideas, it will be easier for you to learn about the different ventures.

Basic plan and features

The first and basic plan of all is the V1, and it will not even cost you 800 bucks, on a monthly basis. In this package, you are about to get hold of 0.88 GHz, with early 512 MB RAM. On the other hand, this same package is going to offer you with 20GB HDD along with 500 GB transfer. Furthermore, you are about to receive 1 Free IP with the help of this package, as well. You will enjoy the chance of selecting the duration package, which will act in your favor.

For the famous V3 package

Once you are through with the basic V1 package, next in the list is the v# package. It might be a little bit expensive from V1 at near about 2000 bucks on monthly basis, but it has some extra features, too. Not only that, but also this package is quite cheaper from V5 and V7 packages. What makes this package different and better than the rest? Well, price plays a pivotal role. Some of the extra features over here are 1 GB RAM, 1.47 GHz, 40 GB HDD and 800 GB transfer services. You are even going to receive 1 free IP, just like the other plans.

Major features to look into

If you are planning to deal with the vps server hosting in India, then you might want to learn about the features available over here. It has an advanced storage package, with 99.999% uptime. You will further receive RAID-DP, which will ensure you with zero data loss. The same platform is going to offer you with robust infrastructure, with enterprise-class Linux. Once procured help from here, you do not have to look for any other option.

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