Entering the Mobile Arena? It’s Time to Study Well!


Everyone likes to be followed either in the name of a celebrity or a role model. Fortunately, the rise in technology has resulted in creating a wide range of legit internet stalkers all across the globe. But the question is why anyone would like to get influenced by you, what’s your specialty?

The world of app development is highly competitive. Once the internet was the new Wild West. Then came the ‘app’ – and now anyone can have any idea for sale in the digital high street within days.  With nearly 60,000 new apps created every month, developers are going all guns to get noticed in the tech revolution. So, here I would like to shed some light on certain pointers that will guide you in rising as a prominent mobile app developer or to survive the competition.

  • Think about experience– Businesses never tend to consider a naïve professional, so your first task is to work around your inexperience otherwise, you won’t get any patronage. Moreover, you can even think of working in a recognizable environment for a few years to gather experience like never before. Remember, here what you need is an experience, not the pay. After a couple of years, you can pull out and stand on your own.
  • Impressive turnaround– Since the app development industry is new to you, you require working extra hard in order to surpass old players to be able to pull some of their customers. One of the best ways is to offer an impressive turnaround time. Check around and get to know how long it takes your competitors to complete an app. It is but obvious for your potential clients to get quotes and terms of service from several developers before settling for one. You never know how your impressive turnaround time may put you ahead of many other developers.
  • Less is more– One of biggest challenges faced by a mobile app development company is to provide results based on the “less is more” concept. Literally, professionals have started making judicious use of their mobile data and storage space. As large apps consume a lot of mobile data and storage space when being downloaded.

Above all,

Follow the right and important people

Call it the new hype or buzz, here I would list out the names of a few renowned leaders in the mobile development pack when end up provoking thoughts, educate and influence everyone around. These professionals act as great resources when it comes to learning about industry news and events, insights and forecasts or even if you want to get introduced to the industry’s tricks and treats. It’s all about finding the time to keep updating and buzzing around.

Benedict Evans


With approx. 123K Followers, Benedict has a highflying job as a partner at Andreessen-Horowitz, one of Tech Crunch’s top 10 VC firms. His data-obsessed approach makes him a great influencer. Popularly known for his analysis of the mobile app development industry, confident conclusions supported by data, news, and of course his personal experience. One must definitely get to know this person.

Jake Wharton


Have you been working as an Android developer for longer than a month? Then I am sure you must have come across this name and if not then you are doing something wrong. Wharton is the creator of ActionBarSherlock and NineOldAndroids. He works as an Android engineer at Square Inc. Over the time he has succeeded in becoming one of the top influencers for numerous reasons. It may quite interest you to know that he is not only successful in his field, but he’s also active, highly connected and approachable when it comes to his fan base of over 21K on Twitter. Tweeting quality content and engaging on the regular basis is something he loves to do day in day out. Apart from being an active professional and an industry influencer, he successfully maintains his blog with over 28K visits. Influenced already!

Peggy Anne Salz

ann salz

Call her an analyst or author, researcher or content strategist, Peggy wears just a few of the many such hats. Considered as an internationally recognized writer with reports, eBooks, whitepapers and over 300 articles covering mobile marketing, loyalty and trends has an established industry presence. She has a strong interest in the world of mobile, and research-supported conclusions on how these technologies define our daily lives. Moreover, she is a great influencer in the industry and one to learn from regarding what is trending and what leads to product success.

Final Words

Surviving in such dynamic industry isn’t easy. And it’s not only about what you’re watching, but who you’re watch too.  Influencers all across the globe play a major role in the development of both present and future trends. They bring expertise, a strong following and above all a strong voice amongst developers, users and investors.

So, where are you?

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