Essential Responsibilities of Security Guards: Here Is What You Need To Know

Security Guards Are Not Peace Officers!

There is a collective delusion of understanding between security guards and peace officers. However, before going into knowing the essential roles and responsibilities of security guards in Orlando, let us briefly understand the concept and keep away all the misconceptions.

Who Is a Peace Officer?

Peace officers are termed to be law enforcement officers who are selected by the state. The duty of peace officers is to enforce the law and maintain peace among the public. The officers primarily include— Police officers and their Deputies, Constables, Marshals, and other lower cradle officers. When a law is violated, the peace officers are required to pursue and take the person who is responsible for the custody. Whereas, such duties are not needed for a security guard!

Who Is a Security Guard?

Security guards are assigned officers to protect people and property by preventing crime, threat and risks. This includes detecting some same offenses that could cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or theft. However, it would not include other offenses like motor vehicle violations, traffic violations or accidents. The concern of a security guard in Orlando is to protect people and prevent damage or destruction to property.

So essentially, the job duties and responsibilities of a security guard are not similar to the peace officer or police officer. Instead, they are in the prevention business. It is their job to act as prevention to the crime, to watch for approaching danger and reporting crimes they may encounter. The roles play by a peace officer and security guard may seem the same from far, but essentially their functions differ a lot as—

  • Security Guards: They are paid only to protect specific people and property.
  • Police or Peace Officers are paid to protect all people and all property under the laws.

Essential Jobs and Duties of Security Guards

As a security guard, their prime job duties revolve around protecting the property of the people. It is also the fact that not every security guard is trained to fill the key roles and perform the responsibilities. You only get this when you hire security guards of Orlando. So, here are the main responsibilities that they keep up to the date every time—


The security guards always remain visible as a preventive to the criminals. Dangers like thefts, damage and injuries can be let down when the criminals see a determined security guard. So, security guards always stay highly visible and active through the days and nights. By being so, the guard discourages the criminal who is considered to be theft or damage.

Keen Observer and Apt Reporter

A security guard is responsible for reporting during or after any incident or offense respectively when occurred. So, the significant role they play as of a keen observer and reporter. When any crime occurs, a security guard does not charge in. Instead, they stay—

  • Stay calm
  • Observe things at initial level and then reacts
  • Report to the police or the supervisor of security panel for the actions.

React to Incidents

When there is any need for responding to an incident, the duties and responsibilities of security guards vary as it depends on the state licensing laws and whether or not they are permitted to carry a weapon. In some cases, the guards are allowed to keep weapons in dangerous areas, whereas, they are also on the job without any weapons. Such guards on the site are only responsible for handling problems on the premises like fires and medical emergencies, calling police in conditions and more.

Communicate with the Public

To have a firm communicate with the public is essential for maintaining security and safety in a proper way. Conditions like you may need to have the assurance to people in distress, administer first aid, verbally enforce rules, and provide directional guidance to the people in large buildings. Depending on all these aspects, the security guards in Orlando are good in communication with the people in flats, offices, buildings and more.

Excellent Guarding Services

The security guards you get from Orlando, they understand each unique environment and give the best service.

Important Facts about Security Guards

  • Licensure or Registration is required in most of the states so, that they have the right to take action for any offense occurred to a particular society or building.
  • On-the-Job Training: Security Guards are required to get training for short-term only.
  • Key Skills: Security guards need to have a prompt notion to observe, making immediate decisions, perfect with physical strength.
  • Similar Occupations: Security guards can also come under police officers, corrections officer, and a perfect detective as well.

Closing Lines

Hence, by reading this post, you must have got the facts that how security guards are necessary for every society, buildings, offices, restaurants, schools, homes and where not. So, value them and their efforts in a positive way.

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