Essential Tools You Need To Keep in Your Home

Are you a first-time homeowner? Then you must not be aware of several things you must note down for your home, like the essential tools, the room decor, the furniture, etc. As you have bought an affordable flat on Ajmer Road for the first time, the basic thing you must do is make a list of the essential tools, which must be present in your home.

Today, as automation is the buzz word and gaining popularity in today’s world, making things easy, we have literally forgotten the basic tools at our homes. Most of the jobs, which were usually done by the humans, are now being performed with the help of automation. This level of progress is finding its feet across the country, but on the other hand, the common people are not yet updated, instead they are still dependent on the helping hands like painters, carpenters, plumbers, gardeners and electricians.

To be honest, there are several jobs, which need to be performed in a home, like fixing a loose electrical connection, fixing a leaking tap/pipe, fixing broken utensils, tightening screws, hammering a nail and so on. None of these can be done unless you have the essential tools present in your home. Needless to say, that internet has always been a good place to learn, so with the help of DIY ideas start performing your own work today.

To start with, here are the basic tools you must have in your affordable flat on Ajmer Road to do the handyman jobs.


You must need a tool for crowbar action, tap things into place, pull nails and pound nails whenever required. This is only possible if you have a hammer in your toolbox.

Duct Tape

If you want quick fixes in your home, then this super sticky duct tape will be the ideal one. It has a wide and woven backing, which is thicker in comparison to most rolls. Use this tape to repair broken buckets, torn tarps and almost everything except the ducts in your home.

Tester and Screwdriver

Use screwdrivers to loosen or tighten the screws of your furniture. Some come with star-shaped heads while others come with slotted heads. Testers are one type of screwdrivers and come with insulated handles. They have a tiny bulb that glows when it gets connected with an electrical line.

Extension Cord

This tool is a coiled cord, which can be easily extended to reach the plug points. It is required at those times when you are unable to connect any of your electrical tools due to short of plug point and wire.

Step Ladder

Every household needs a multi-utility item like a step ladder. For example, if you want to reach your home’s ceiling height in order to change a light bulb or clean the fan blades, instead of pulling a stool on the table, get a step ladder today.

Hope, you get these above-mentioned basic tools soon before any emergency arises in your new affordable flat on Ajmer Road.

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