Everything is Going Online – Why Not?!

Everything is Going Online

World Wide Web was a breakthrough phenomenon when it was launched. The massive changes that it was set to bring in the future world were perhaps not even realised at that point in time. But, here we are. Today, internet has become an integral part of all the organisations in the world, no matter how small or big. Even people in general put great reliance on internet in their daily lives.


The “online” culture that prevails today has left behind many of the traditional ways in which businesses were carried out. Almost every business today, from retail to restaurants, has some sort of presence online. This definitely allows businesses to reach to a wider number of audiences from a single platform, resulting in either increased number of sales or wide popularity – or both in some cases. There are also some businesses that are solely based online.

Let’s have a look at some of the major things happening online that directly targets consumers.

Online Shopping

E-commerce has changed the way people shop, and this type of shopping includes the whole range of stuff, from grocery to clothes.  People just need to go to an online store, put the items they want to purchase in a cart and then pay for them through a debit or credit card. Today, the online shopping market generates $20bn revenue. The convenience that online shopping brings to the customers was destined to make it a billion dollar industry.

Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry has taken great advantage of internet to boost up their revenues. The online real estate marketing has allowed the property owners to market and sell their properties quickly and on their own terms. The sales could be made privately or through auctions. There is no need for a real estate agent anymore when you can yourself sell your place online.

Online TV Streaming

Who needs an actual cable TV when all the content can be streamed online? There are large numbers of people today who like to stream TV contents online and the viewership of that content sometimes surpasses the cable viewership. This goes on to show that internet has had a huge effect on how people want to consume media and entertainment. There are several online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Now that are doing really well in terms of number of subscriptions. This online TV streaming comparison will give you an idea how they fare against each other.

Online Magazines

Gone are the days when paper was the only form in which magazines were available to people. There are now popular magazines and newspapers available online that require you to subscribe to their paid services. Upon subscription, you will be able to access each new issue and enjoy exclusive material based on promotions.

It is safe to consider that everything, every business is looking to go online because of the large number of internet consumers and the big revenue generation is a clear indication that ‘online’ is the only way to go in the future.

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