Everything That You Need to Know About Anadrol

Anadrol, a strong and efficient performance enhancement drug, has become the first choice for hundreds of successful bodybuilders and athletes around the world. This steroid is anabolic in nature and is best known to improve the production and release of erythropoietin without leading to any of the side effects that generally steroids cause.

Also known as A50, Oxymetholone, and A-bombs, Anadrol is an alkylated steroid, which can dramatically improve the amount of red blood cells and protect the joints during heavy workouts or vigorous physical activities. This steroid is also prescribed medically by the doctors to stimulate the muscle growth of malnourished and underdeveloped patients, and also to treat health conditions, like osteoporosis and anemia.

This anabolic steroid is also widely used by the bodybuilders since it helps in increasing the protein synthesis levels in the body and also plays an important role in nitrogen retention. In addition to all these, it’s also associated with strength, aggression, and muscle gain, which especially helps the athletes and bodybuilders prone to fatigue or nagging injuries during vigorous physical workouts and strength trainings.

Mechanisms of action

Anadrol first crosses into the cells present in the kidney and encourages the production of a hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone is then released into the blood which circulates in the body and stimulates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells. The increase in blood cells allows the muscles to absorb more oxygen, which in turn makes the body regenerate faster after vigorous physical activities or workouts.


The main aim of Anadrol is to increase the ability of the muscles to absorb proteins and convert them into more mass, which leads to a sudden improvement in the muscle mass, overall body strength, and the regenerating power of the body as well. People consuming Anadrolnotice a rapid increase in their muscle mass after workouts and gradually they develop a very even covering of muscle mass throughout their body.

However, to make sure you gain the muscle mass you need to make sure that you work hard physically. Working hard or going through vigorous physical activities make sure that your muscles receive more oxygen from the blood, which will help them convert the proteins into the muscle mass. The other thing that you need to ensure if you consume Anadrol is eating protein rich foods. Anadrol completely works on the basis of protein synthesis and if you don’t provide your body with sufficient proteins then you will end up neutering the benefits of Anadrol.

Side effects

Unlike other steroids,Anadrol has a different mechanism and it doesn’t bind with the androgen receptors, which means that you are safe from most of the side effects that you can associate with other steroids. However, Anadrol can increase the estrogen levels in the body and might also lead to gynecomastia. These issues can be further exacerbated when Anadrol is used in conjunction with other steroids.

However, there’s a simple solution to make sure that you don’t face any of these side effects. Anadrol, when used with an aromatase inhibitor, makes sure that the side effects of the steroid stay away from you.

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