Expert Tips for Teachers: How to Build a Positive Relationship with Parents?

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. – Bob Beauprez

parents and teacher communication

A child’s academic success is greatly attributed to a strong partnership of teachers with parents. Teachers are expert in mentoring, while parents are expert in nurturing. A healthy relationship between teachers & parents helps kids to excel in school. Effective communication between the two is crucial for tutoring the child in the best possible manner.

The classroom is not just confined to books and grades; it is a way of modeling the child to become a better person. Several times, teachers and parents both don’t care to build a healthy relationship. However, a student if aware that the teacher communicates their parents on a regular basis and parents trust them are more likely to put their effort in school.

Here are some expert tips that will help teachers to develop a strong relationship and communication with parents.

Use Registration Time

Start the school year by meeting some of the parents during registration process before session commences. It is the first time you will meet several students and parents.  Utilize this great opportunity to cast the first impression. Make sure that your classroom is welcoming. During registration, apart from fees and documentation, parents receive schedules and visit the classes. It gives a teacher chance to meet parents and get their email address and phone numbers.

Utilize the latest technology wherever possible

Life has become fast paced and busy for everyone including parents, teachers, and students; therefore use technology to stay in touch wherever possible including, emails, web pages, websites, parent portal or school messaging app. Make sure that the mode you are choosing to communicate the parents is common and accessible for all.

1. School messaging app

A school messaging app comes very handy here which can be easily installed on any smartphone and is excellent for instant communication. A school app lets teachers share any useful information, notes, pdf files, pictures with parents, individually as well as a group.

2. School website

A good school website is another thing that needs to be kept regularly updated to disseminate correct information among parents and students. Some of the schools and teachers overload the information in trying to make the website fancy. Try to keep in minimal and meaningful which best serves the purpose.

3. Pamphlet

Sometimes publishing a traditional pamphlet and distributing it to parents is a more meaningful way to communicate.

4. Emails

Sending emails on a weekly basis is also one of the good ways to inform parents and keep in touch with them.

5. Student’s/parent’s portal

Parents portal allows parents to access their child’s portfolio as well as grades through an online portal. Here an email address is given to parents and they can see their child’s progress after signing up.

Detailed information sheets

A teacher should always keep detailed information of every student in his/her class. A basic information sheet maintains a record of the name of students and their parents, address, phone numbers and email id of parents, emergency contact number, etc. It should also include a student’s school schedule so that teacher can immediately locate the student in any time at school when s/he needs to. Besides, keep a contact log to keep a record of the list of the dates and causes for which you contacted the parents. This documentation is very necessary as for a class of 40 or 60, it is very easy to forget what you discussed with which child’s parents. To keep all the data readily accessible, try to save this information in your phone.

Being a teacher, share with us your effective method to communicate parents and build a healthy relationship with them.

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