Expertise in Manufacturing and Supply of Progressive Metal Stamping

progressive metal stamping

Eigen is a reputed name in the industry for manufacturing and supplying progressive metal stamping. The journey of this premier company began in 1995, and just in the last two decades, it has been successful in changing the face of this industry. The company specializes in manufacturing close-pitch, tight-tolerance and high precision parts. The expert team here is committed towards customer growth, and the process development here helps remove the burden of procurement and finally reduces operational costs for the customer.

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What is progressive metal stamping?

Progressive metal stamping is a process of creating various metal parts by employing various metal forming methods. In order to get a final result, the various methods are applied in a series of progressive steps in order to get the final product. Some of the manufacturing steps typically used in progressive stamping are:

  • Punching
  • Coining
  • Bending
  • Wire forming
  • Deep Drawing
  • Four slide stamping
  • Multi slide stamping
  • Fine blanking

In order to process the metal stamping through progressive manufacturing steps, an automatic feeding system is used. A new set of features is then created with every stamping step. In the end, the final stamping step is just to clean or cut the excess material from the edges. Some of the progressive manufacturing companies use the cylindrical type feed cylinder, which includes the stamping form or die. There are some others that use reciprocating motion to get the required stamping results. Most of the metals used in the progressive metal stamping are:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc
  • Galvanized steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Hot rolled steel

The manufacturers carefully consider the dimensional tolerances of the metal parts manufactured by progressive metal stamping. Even without the post machining or additional steps in manufacturing, it is possible to get precision stamping features on stamped parts. Progressive metal stamping is a controlled process, and in order to get precise results, the manufacturing company needs to implement collaborative design and engineering.

Eigen: Experts in manufacturing

Eigen is an expert in the manufacture and supply of progressive metal stamping. Just a few of the many points that highlight this fact are:

  • The company is experienced in stamping ferrous and non ferrous materials of thickness from as low as 0.002″/0.05 mm, and even lower. On the higher side, it can go as high as 0.19″/5mm, and even higher, depending upon the customer requirements.
  • A few of the materials that Eigen has expertise stamping are stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, DHP copper, ETP Copper, copper nickel, Mu-Metal, mylar, magnetic iron, Carbon steel, HRCA, CRCA, aluminum, silver clad, polyamide, Phynox, silver magnesium nickel, Inconel, spring steel, nickel chromium, Kovar, German silver, Kapton, Maillchort and silver magnesium nickel.
  • Eigen has a massive production capacity of over 500 million components per year.

Experts in supply

Eigen is a renowned name when it comes to supplying progressive metal stamping. What makes Eigen special? Mentioned below are some of the top qualities that make Eigen a preferred choice for many companies across the globe.

#1. They are accountable

Eigen has a dedicated customer support desk that takes accountability for all the projects. Eigen takes quality very seriously, and as a result, the company has implemented all the right processes for quality control to make sure that the end result is just perfect. From the inception of the project to the delivery of finished products, Eigen takes the accountability of delivering the highest standards of service.

#2. High production capabilities

With a whopping production capability of over 500 million components per annum, there is not much left to say here. Eigen ensures that they are able to consistently manufacture products that meet the customer’s requirement. In order to support the goal of providing highest standards of service, Eigen has 200+ employees that are experienced and experts in handling any metal stamping project.

#3. Strategic location

Eigen is located in Bangalore, the technology capital of India. It is one of the most strategic locations, easy to access from any part of the country, and has good connectivity to many different countries around the globe. As a result, Eigen is able to provide fast and efficient delivery regardless of where you are located on the map. The company is reaching customers with high quality services wherever they are on the globe, and this is evident from the fact that the company exports 40% products to countries outside India.

Apart from the great achievement of being a premier progressive metal stamping manufacturer, Eigen is also renowned for being an efficient supplier across the globe. The precise results delivered on a constant basis, and a hunger to always achieve extraordinary results have always been motivating factors for Eigen.

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