Facts that assure Big Data is the next big thing in global certification industry

75% of companies that are in the list of Fortune 500 are planning to invest or have already started investing heavily in Big Data. Next two years are going to be crucial for individuals and institutions in the industry of Big Data. The market of professional certification in big data or Hadoop (distributed computing software) expertise is expected to grow by $1 billion by 2020. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will surpass 58%.

Numbers are here about the Big Data. What, actually then is, Big data?Large amount of data sets which can be analyzed and sorted computationally to reveal various patterns and trends and provides business insights associated with human behavior. The analysis, search, storage, sharing, capture, data curation, visualization, transfer, security, and information privacy are the challenges of Big Data that are to be sorted out by companies to business better and better each day.

Big Data as a concept is not new. The term has been around since the 90s but it has come under major spotlight only recently. Understanding Big Data is different but the expertise that is required to handle it is another story. The market needs experts in this domain which it totally lacks. Experts who come with valid credentialing certifications from certification bodies is the need of the hour.

Certification bodies are jostling against each other to grab most of the pie of credentialing certification. Whether you are a talent manager of a multinational company or a certification body or for that matter, an aspiring data scientist reading this, don’t listen to us. Listen to what analytics have to say.

  • YouTube sees huge video content of around 300 hours per minute
  • To watch all of these videos on YouTube, a person will require around 15 years
  • The world searches 5 billion things everyday on Google searches
  • Everyday 294 million mails get sent
  • Everyday 230 million tweets are tweeted
  • On Facebook, data that is accessed, stored or generated amounts to 30+ petabytes
  • Everyday 200,000 photos are uploaded on Facebook
  • Every minute, online shopping is done to the tune of $300,000
  • Digital information will go from 4.4 zettabytes to 44 zettabytes by the year 2020
  • In the present scenario, 0.5% of data in the world is ever used or analyzed

These analytics reveal why hiring Hadoop expert with capability- validation validated by professional certifications from expert certification bodies will be a watershed for any company. Talent can take a company par excellence or mar the excellence of a company. No wonder, $59 billion was the market of Big Data in the year 2015 and it is expected to grow to double the size now by the year 2019. That is to say $102 billion. Whoa! That’s not a USD to be ignored if you wish to garner great RoI.

Data has become the closest thing to being human. Smartphones or internet has literally turned the humans of the world into data mining machines. Now, with the cutting edge technologies of wearable technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) Big Data is going places and certainly taking you too on the ride along. This ride is gonna be easy if you go for experts who are certified with professional certifications in Big Data or Hadoop from top- notch certification bodies. Data crunching is the game you should be great at!

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