Features of Personal Injury law in Ontario

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There are a number of personal injury charges that one can pursue in a court of law against the offender such as long term disability, car accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, sex abuse, brain injuries, wrongful death, dog bite, slip and fall, false arrest, fire accidents, insurance liability and many more.

What is the role of the lawyer?

A Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto makes a thorough examination of the facts of the case in order to determine whether or not charges can be pressed against a person for being responsible for the injury to the client. The lawyer also makes an assessment of the amount of money that can be sought in compensation. The injured person is entitled to compensation. The term injury encompasses different kinds of injuries such as bone fracture, internal injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injury, etc. Psychological trauma is also considered an injury because it adversely hampers the ability of the victim to perform many normal tasks and affects his or her livelihood.

The victim can sue the person responsible for causing the injury, however, it is important that the right party is sued. The victim needs to discuss the case thoroughly with the lawyer before pressing charges in the court. For example, a person travelling in a car driven by another person is injured due to an accident caused by the driver. In such cases, he/she can sue the driver through his/her car insurance policy.

A person involved in a car accident must notify the insurance company immediately. Even if the victim has no insurance coverage, benefit can still be claimed through the other party that was involved in the mishap. Application for accident benefit must be sent to the insurance company. In case of disability, application must be put in for disability benefit. All the above procedures and more are complex and are managed effectively by Toronto accident lawyers. The lawyer must also build a strong case for the client for which all possible help must be provided to him/her by the client.

Time limit

The personal injury lawsuit must be filed immediately because the lawsuit can be prevented from continuing by law if it exceeds the limitation period. The Limitations Act enacted in 2004 in Ontario changed the time period allowed to start a lawsuit. The plaintiff must be aware of the limitation period because some cases are governed by old limitation period and some of new limitation period. Therefore, it is essential for a victim of personal injury to get in touch with a suitable lawyer dealing with such cases as soon as possible. People injured outside of Ontario or Canada can also start a lawsuit in the province.

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